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File Details


User Experience Controls Library

file   Comctl32.dll is a library of dialog controls provided by the operating system. Controls include status bars, progress bars, and toolbars. This library also handles themes in XP and later versions.

Comctl32.dll is a 32-bit Dynamic Linked Library of code components for a graphics UI style application.
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File Analysis Report
  Key Facts from within File  
key facts   These are the direct values are extracted from the file. These are defined by the original developer. Some items may be unspecified, mistyped or out of date.
File description
  User Experience Controls Library
File Version
  6.0 (xpclient.010817-1148)
  Microsoft Windows Operating System
App version
  Microsoft Corporation
  (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  File System and OS Information  
File system  

The WinSxS directory holds Windows Side-by-Side DLLs. WinSxS allows multiple versions of the same DLL (code libraries) to exist on the same system. This ensures that every application will get the DLL version they were tested and designed for. The result is improved application and system stability.

Date Modified
  23-Aug-2001 5:00 am
Date Created
  09-Mar-2009 7:31 am
  900 KB  (921,088 Bytes)
Captured from
  Core without updates
OS at capture
  Windows XP (RTM, SP1, 2, 3), Build 2600, 32-bit edition
  Security Validation  
security   The two security hashes for Comctl32.dll were created from the original file. The security hash is created by scanning all bytes within the file. Identical files should have the same hashes. SHA1 is considered the more secure than the older MD5 hash.
required   The following files are required when running this program. These may call other files, and there can be additional required files not in this list.

  import Advapi32.dll   import Ntdll.dll
  import Gdi32.dll   import Shlwapi.dll
  import Kernel32.dll   import User32.dll
  import Msvcrt.dll  
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  Additional Analysis  
  • Comctl32.dll requires a C++ library, and was likely written in Micorsoft Visual C++. It was likely built using Visual Studio 2003.
  • Comctl32.dll is a PE style file.
  • Our analysis shows that over 495 different files internally use Comctl32.dll.
  Internal Resource Counts  
notes   Resources are read-only content stored within the file. It is mostly used to hold graphics, strings, menus and dialog templates, although other types are occasionally used. See our section on Resources Help for more details.

  Strings and Messages14   Icons (Single)28  
  Dialog Templates0   Icons (Grouped)4  
  Menus1   Icons (Animated)0  
  HTML Documents0   Cursors (Single)18  
  Accelerators0   Cursors (Grouped)18  
  Manifests0   Cursors (Animated)0  
  Fonts0   Bitmaps10  
  Icons Inside File  
notes   The single image below shows the Group Icon resources extracted from the file.

  Cursors Inside File  
notes   The single image below shows the Group Cursor resources extracted from the file.

  Text Inside File  
notes   View the text string resources. Some filtering was done to remove non-standard characters and to limit the length strings. Strings embedded in code are not shown.
1MMMM yyyy
2Caps Lock
Caps Lock . • • Caps Lock .

Zero terminated sub-strings are separated with " • ".
  Vendor Summary  
  Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation Logo



  Research this File  
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