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File Details


Windows NT BASE API Client DLL

file   Kernel32 is part of the core WIN32 Application Programming Interface. It is responsible for the file system, processes, threads, and error handling.

Kernel32.dll is a 32-bit Dynamic Linked Library for an Application Programming Interface which does not directly have a GUI.
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File Analysis Report
  Key Facts from within File  
key facts   These are the direct values are extracted from the file. These are defined by the original developer. Some items may be unspecified, mistyped or out of date.
File description
  Windows NT BASE API Client DLL
File Version
  5.1.2600.1106 (xpsp1.020828-1920)
  Microsoft Windows Operating System
App version
  Microsoft Corporation
  (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  File System and OS Information  
File system  

This directory holds the core operating system files and libraries.

Date Modified
  29-Aug-2002 3:41 am
Date Created
  23-Aug-2001 5:00 am
  909 KB  (930,304 Bytes)
Captured from
  Core without updates
OS at capture
  Windows XP (SP1), Build 2600, 32-bit edition
  Security Validation  
security   The two security hashes for Kernel32.dll were created from the original file. The security hash is created by scanning all bytes within the file. Identical files should have the same hashes. SHA1 is considered the more secure than the older MD5 hash.
required   The following file is required when running this program. These may call other files, and there can be additional required files not in this list.

  import Ntdll.dll  
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  Additional Analysis  
  • Kernel32.dll is a PE style file.
  • Our analysis shows that more than 1000 different files internally use Kernel32.dll.
  Internal Resource Counts  
notes   Resources are read-only content stored within the file. It is mostly used to hold graphics, strings, menus and dialog templates, although other types are occasionally used. See our section on Resources Help for more details.

  Strings and Messages102   Icons (Single)0  
  Dialog Templates0   Icons (Grouped)0  
  Menus0   Icons (Animated)0  
  HTML Documents0   Cursors (Single)0  
  Accelerators0   Cursors (Grouped)0  
  Manifests0   Cursors (Animated)0  
  Fonts0   Bitmaps0  
  Text Inside File  
notes   View the text string resources. Some filtering was done to remove non-standard characters and to limit the length strings. Strings embedded in code are not shown.
1Language Neutral$$$$$$Default
$$Western Europe and United States
$$Central Europe$$Antigua and Barbuda$Antigua and Barbuda
$$Baltic$$Afghanistan$Islamic State of Afghanistan
$$Greek$$Algeria$Democratic and Popular Republic of Algeria
$$Cyrillic$$Azerbaijan$Azerbaijani Republic
$$Turkic$$Albania$Republic of Albania
$$Japanese$$Armenia$Republic of Armenia
$$Korean$$Andorra$Principality of Andorra
$$Traditional Chinese$$Angola$Republic of Angola
$$Simplified Chinese$$American Samoa
$$Thai$$Argentina$Argentine Republic
$$Hebrew$$Australia$Commonwealth of Australia
$$Vietnamese$$Austria$Republic of Austria
$$Armenian$$Bahrain$State of Bahrain
$$$$Botswana$Republic of Botswana
$$$$Belgium$Kingdom of Belgium
$$$$Bahamas, The$Commonwealth of The Bahamas
$$$$Bangladesh$Peoples Republic of Bangladesh
$$$$Bosnia and Herzegovina$Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina
$$$$Bolivia$Republic of Bolivia
$$$$Myanmar$Union of Myanmar
$$$$Benin$Republic of Benin
$$$$Belarus$Republic of Belarus
$$$$Solomon Islands$Solomon Islands
3$$$$Brazil$Federative Republic of Brazil
4$$$$Cameroon$Republic of Cameroon
$$$$Comoros$Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros
$$$$Colombia$Republic of Colombia
5$$$$Dominican Republic$Dominican Republic
$$$$Ecuador$Republic of Ecuador
$$$$Egypt$Arab Republic of Egypt
$$$$Equatorial Guinea$Republic of Equatorial Guinea
$$$$Estonia$Republic of Estonia
$$$$Eritrea$State of Eritrea
$$$$El Salvador$Republic of El Salvador
$$$$Ethiopia$Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia
6$$$$Micronesia$Federated States of Micronesia
$$$$Faroe Islands
7$$$$Greece$Hellenic Republic
$$$$Guatemala$Republic of Guatemala
$$$$Guinea$Republic of Guinea
$$$$Guyana$Cooperative Republic of Guyana
8$$$$India$Republic of India
$$$$British Indian Ocean Territory
9$$$$Kenya$Republic of Kenya
$$$$Kyrgyzstan$Kyrgyz Republic
$$$$North Korea$Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea
10$$$$Liechtenstein$Principality of Liechtenstein
$$$$Lesotho$Kingdom of Lesotho
$$$$Luxembourg$Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
$$$$Libya$Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
$$$$Madagascar$Republic of Madagascar
11$$$$Mauritius$Republic of Mauritius
12$$$$Netherlands, The$Kingdom of the Netherlands
$$$$Norway$Kingdom of Norway
$$$$Nepal$Kingdom of Nepal
13$$$$Panama$Republic of Panama
$$$$Portugal$Portuguese Republic
$$$$Papua New Guinea$Independent State of Papua New Guinea
$$$$Palau$Republic of Palau
$$$$Guinea-Bissau$Republic of Guinea-Bissau
$$$$Qatar$State of Qatar
$$$$Marshall Islands$Republic of the Marshall Islands
$$$$Philippines$Republic of the Philippines
$$$$Puerto Rico
$$$$Russia$Russian Federation
$$$$Rwanda$Rwandese Republic
$$$$Saudi Arabia$Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
$$$$St. Pierre and Miquelon
$$$$St. Kitts and Nevis$Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis
14$$$$Seychelles$Republic of Seychelles
$$$$South Africa$Republic of South Africa
$$$$Senegal$Republic of Senegal
15$$$$United Arab Emirates$United Arab Emirates
$$$$Trinidad and Tobago$Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
16$$$$Uganda$Republic of Uganda
$$$$United Kingdom$United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
17$$$$Wake Island
$$$$Samoa$Independent State of Samoa
$$$$Swaziland$Kingdom of Swaziland
$$$$Yemen$Republic of Yemen
$$$$Ascension Island
19$$$$Ashmore and Cartier Islands$Territory of Ashmore and Cartier Islands
$$$$Baker Island
$$$$Bouvet Island
$$$$Cayman Islands
$$$$Channel Islands
$$$$Christmas Island$Territory of Christmas Island
$$$$Clipperton Island
$$$$Cocos (Keeling) Islands$Territory of Cocos (Keeling) Islands
$$$$Cook Islands
$$$$Coral Sea Islands$Coral Sea Islands Territory
$$$$Diego Garcia
$$$$Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)$Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
$$$$France, Metropolitan
$$$$French Guiana$Department of Guiana
$$$$French Polynesia$Territory of French Polynesia
$$$$French Southern and Antarctic Lands$Territory of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands
20$$$$Guadeloupe$Department of Guadeloupe
$$$$Guam$Territory of Guam
$$$$Guantanamo Bay
$$$$Guernsey$Balliwick of Guernsey
$$$$Heard Island and McDonald Islands$Territory of Heard Island and McDonald Islands
$$$$Howland Island
$$$$Jarvis Island
$$$$Jersey$Balliwick of Jersey
$$$$Kingman Reef
$$$$Martinique$Department of Martinique
$$$$Mayotte$Territorial Collectivity of Mayotte
$$$$Netherlands Antilles
$$$$New Caledonia$Territory of New Caledonia and Dependencies
21$$$$Norfolk Island$Territory of Norfolk Island
$$$$Northern Mariana Islands$Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
$$$$Palmyra Atoll
$$$$Pitcairn Islands$Pitcairn, Henderson, Ducie, and Oeno Islands
$$$$Rota Island
$$$$South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands$South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
$$$$St. Helena$Saint Helena
22$$$$Wallis and Futuna$Territory of the Wallis and Futuna Islands
23$$$437 (OEM - United States)
24$$$500 (IBM EBCDIC - International)
25$$$708 (Arabic - ASMO)
26$$$720 (Arabic - Transparent ASMO)
27$$$737 (OEM - Greek 437G)
28$$$775 (OEM - Baltic)
29$$$850 (OEM - Multilingual Latin I)
30$$$864 (OEM - Arabic)
$$$865 (OEM - Nordic)
$$$866 (OEM - Russian)
31$$$932 (ANSI/OEM - Japanese Shift-JIS)
32$$$949 (ANSI/OEM - Korean)
$$$950 (ANSI/OEM - Traditional Chinese Big5)
33Process Default Language
Arabic (Saudi Arabia)$Saudi Arabia
Bulgarian$Bulgaria$$1026 (IBM EBCDIC - Turkish (Latin-5))
Chinese (Taiwan)$Taiwan$$$$$Stroke Count$$$Bopomofo
Czech$Czech Republic
German (Germany)$Germany$$$$$Dictionary$Phone Book (DIN)
English (United States)$United States
Spanish (Traditional Sort)$Spain$$$$$Traditional
French (France)$France
34Italian (Italy)$Italy
Dutch (Netherlands)$Netherlands
Norwegian (Bokmal)$Norway
Portuguese (Brazil)$Brazil
$$$1047 (IBM EBCDIC - Latin-1/Open System)
35Urdu$Islamic Republic of Pakistan
36Afrikaans$South Africa
Faeroese$Faeroe Islands
37Kyrgyz (Cyrillic)$Kyrgyzstan
38Mongolian (Cyrillic)$Mongolia
40$$$1140 (IBM EBCDIC - U.S./Canada (37 + Euro))
$$$1141 (IBM EBCDIC - Germany (20273 + Euro))
$$$1142 (IBM EBCDIC - Denmark/Norway (20277 + Euro))
$$$1143 (IBM EBCDIC - Finland/Sweden (20278 + Euro))
$$$1144 (IBM EBCDIC - Italy (20280 + Euro))
$$$1145 (IBM EBCDIC - Latin America/Spain (20284 + Euro))
$$$1146 (IBM EBCDIC - United Kingdom (20285 + Euro))
$$$1147 (IBM EBCDIC - France (20297 + Euro))
$$$1148 (IBM EBCDIC - International (500 + Euro))
$$$1149 (IBM EBCDIC - Icelandic (20871 + Euro))
41$$$1250 (ANSI - Central Europe)
$$$1251 (ANSI - Cyrillic)
$$$1252 (ANSI - Latin I)
$$$1253 (ANSI - Greek)
$$$1254 (ANSI - Turkish)
$$$1255 (ANSI - Hebrew)
$$$1256 (ANSI - Arabic)
$$$1257 (ANSI - Baltic)
$$$1258 (ANSI/OEM - Viet Nam)
42$$$1361 (Korean - Johab)
43Arabic (Iraq)$Iraq
44Italian (Switzerland)$Switzerland
45Azeri (Cyrillic)$Azerbaijan
46Malay (Brunei Darussalam)$Brunei Darussalam
47Uzbek (Cyrillic)$Uzbekistan
48Arabic (Egypt)$Egypt
49Serbian (Cyrillic)$Serbia
50Arabic (Libya)$Libya
51Arabic (Algeria)$Algeria
52Arabic (Morocco)$Morocco
53Arabic (Tunisia)$Tunisia
54Arabic (Oman)$Oman
55Arabic (Yemen)$Yemen
56$$$10000 (MAC - Roman)
$$$10001 (MAC - Japanese)
$$$10002 (MAC - Traditional Chinese Big5)
$$$10003 (MAC - Korean)
$$$10004 (MAC - Arabic)
$$$10005 (MAC - Hebrew)
$$$10006 (MAC - Greek I)
$$$10007 (MAC - Cyrillic)
$$$10008 (MAC - Simplified Chinese GB 2312)
57$$$10017 (MAC - Ukraine)
58$$$10079 (MAC - Icelandic)
59$$$10081 (MAC - Turkish)
$$$10082 (MAC - Croatia)
60Arabic (Syria)$Syria
61Arabic (Jordan)$Jordan
62Arabic (Lebanon)$Lebanon
63Arabic (Kuwait)$Kuwait
64Arabic (U.A.E.)$U.A.E.
65$$$$Man, Isle of
66Arabic (Bahrain)$Bahrain
67Arabic (Qatar)$Qatar
68Spanish (El Salvador)$El Salvador
69Spanish (Honduras)$Honduras
70Spanish (Nicaragua)$Nicaragua
71$$$$Macedonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of$The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
72$$$20000 (CNS - Taiwan)
$$$20001 (TCA - Taiwan)
$$$20002 (Eten - Taiwan)
$$$20003 (IBM5550 - Taiwan)
$$$20004 (TeleText - Taiwan)
$$$20005 (Wang - Taiwan)
73$$$20105 (IA5 IRV International Alphabet No.5)
$$$20106 (IA5 German)
$$$20107 (IA5 Swedish)
$$$20108 (IA5 Norwegian)
74$$$20127 (US-ASCII)
75$$$20261 (T.61)
76$$$20273 (IBM EBCDIC - Germany)
77$$$20290 (IBM EBCDIC - Japanese Katakana Extended)
78$$$20420 (IBM EBCDIC - Arabic)
79Spanish (Puerto Rico)$Puerto Rico
80$$$20833 (IBM EBCDIC - Korean Extended)
81$$$20866 (Russian - KOI8)
82$$$20880 (IBM EBCDIC - Cyrillic (Russian))
83$$$20905 (IBM EBCDIC - Turkish)
84$$$20924 (IBM EBCDIC - Latin-1/Open System (1047 + Euro))
85$$$20932 (JIS X 0208-1990 & 0212-1990)
86$$$21025 (IBM EBCDIC - Cyrillic (Serbian, Bulgarian))
87$$$$Midway Islands
88$$$21866 (Ukrainian - KOI8-U)
89$$$$East Timor
90$$$28591 (ISO 8859-1 Latin I)
91$$$28592 (ISO 8859-2 Central Europe)
$$$28593 (ISO 8859-3 Latin 3)
$$$28594 (ISO 8859-4 Baltic)
$$$28595 (ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic)
$$$28596 (ISO 8859-6 Arabic)
$$$28597 (ISO 8859-7 Greek)
$$$28598 (ISO 8859-8 Hebrew: Visual Ordering)
$$$28599 (ISO 8859-9 Latin 5)
92$$$38598 (ISO 8859-8 Hebrew: Logical Ordering)
93$$$50220 (ISO-2022 Japanese with no halfwidth Katakana)
$$$50221 (ISO-2022 Japanese with halfwidth Katakana)
$$$50222 (ISO-2022 Japanese JIS X 0201-1989)
94$$$50225 (ISO-2022 Korean)
95$$$50930 (IBM EBCDIC - Japanese (Katakana) Extended and Japanese)
$$$50931 (IBM EBCDIC - US/Canada and Japanese)
96$$$51932 (EUC-Japanese)
97$$$51936 (EUC-Simplified Chinese)
98$$$52936 (HZ-GB2312 Simplified Chinese)
99$$$54936 (GB18030 Simplified Chinese)
100$$$57002 (ISCII - Devanagari)
$$$57003 (ISCII - Bengali)
$$$57004 (ISCII - Tamil)
$$$57005 (ISCII - Telugu)
$$$57006 (ISCII - Assamese)
$$$57007 (ISCII - Oriya)
101$$$57008 (ISCII - Kannada)
$$$57009 (ISCII - Malayalam)
$$$57010 (ISCII - Gujarati)
$$$57011 (ISCII - Punjabi (Gurmukhi))
  Vendor Summary  
  Microsoft Corporation

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