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Information Canon Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Fax Extended Survey Program

Dialog text:
Thank you for your cooperation in Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Fax Extended Survey Program.
For development and marketing of products that better meet customer needs, Canon requests that the information below, related to your Canon product, be sent to Canon through the Internet.
1. Information related to Canon inkjet printer/scanner/fax
-Computer's OS version, language, and display setting information
-Device driver and application software usage logs
2. Information related to Canon inkjet printer/fax
-Printer's ID number, installation date and time, ink use information, number of sheets printed, and maintenance information
If your Canon product is shared for use, collective information recorded in the shared product will be sent.
In this survey, we will not send any other information, including your personal information. For this reason, from the information that is sent to us, we are unable to identify specific customers.
We are therefore unable to respond to requests to disclose any sent information.
After you install the survey program, the above information will be sent to Canon through the Internet every month for ten years. The Internet connection fee shall be borne by you.
If you agree to the above, click [Agree]. Otherwise, click [Do not agree].
If you wish to uninstall this program, click [Uninstall]. This will uninstall the program, and no further survey will be made.

Issued by: IJPLMUI

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