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Invalid Microsoft Office Excel - Your file could not be printed due to ...

Dialog text:
Your file could not be printed due to an error on \\\\ip address \HP LaserJet 102 on 2. There are several possible reasons:

There may not be enough memory available. Try closing files and programs you aren't using.
If you use a network for printing, there may be a problem with the network connection or the printer driver.
There may be loose cables or a bad connection between your computer and printer.

For more information about troubleshooting printing problems, click Help.

This error can be caused by:
General problems: The printer may be unavailable, the network may be down, the communication port to the printer may be corrupt or unavailable, a hardware error at the computer may have occurred (out of paper, paper jam, out of ink, out of toner, etc), and a language setting may need to be reset from the Regional Options control panel.
Local problems: There are several reasons for a local printer (a printer that is attached directly to your computer) to fail:
Check to make sure the printer has paper, ink, and/or toner and check the cables.
If the printer appears to be functional and a printer test by the printer itself indicates the printer is working properly, then check the cables, printer port from the computer, and configuration of the printer at the computer.
Occasionally, an application can develop a conflict with the printer driver and cause a memory leak which corrupts the printer port. If all else fails, restart the computer, recycle the power to the printer, and tr


Issued by: 2007 Microsoft Office system
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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