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Warning Preferences - 0 Singlespace 14 pt Times Misspelled ...

Dialog text:


14 pt


Misspelled Words

Repeated Words

Uncapitalized Words

Uncapitalized Sentences

Enable Dynamic Spelling

Enable Autocorrect

Autocorrect Capitalization Errors




Show Note Tooltips

Include Note Content When Checking Spelling

Include Note Content in Find/Change Operations

Show Thumbnails on Place

Show Transformation Values

Auto-Collapse Icon Panels

Auto-Show Hidden Panels

Open Documents as Tabs

Enable Floating Document Window Docking

Preserve Object-Level Display Settings

Enable Anti-aliasing


Use Defaults

Enable Anti-aliasing






Show Cursor Halo

Show Cursor Position in Info Column

Prefer PDF When Pasting

Copy PDF to Clipboard

Preserve PDF Data at Quit

All Information (Index Markers, Swatches, Styles, etc.)

Text Only


Always Save Preview Images with Documents

Position at Original Location

Position at Cursor Location

Check Links Before Opening Document

Find Missing Links Before Opening Document

Create Links When Placing Text and Spreadsheet Files

Preserve Image Dimensions When Relinking

eserve Image Dimensions When Relinking


Apply to Content

Adjust Scaling Percentage

Enable Attached Scripts

Reset All Warning Dialogs

Overprint [Black] Swatch at 100%

Guides in Back

Align to Object Center

Align to Object Edges

Smart Dimensions

Smart Spacing

Grids in Back

Merge User Dictionary into Document

Recompose All Stories When Modified

Use Inline Input for Non-Latin Text

Keep Violations

Substituted Fonts

HJ Violations

Substituted Glyphs

Custom Tracking/Kerning

Justify Text Next to an Object

Skip by Leading

Text Wrap Only Affects Text Beneath

Smart Text Reflow

Use Typographer's Quotes

Type Tool Converts Frames to Text Frames

Automatically Use

Issued by: Adobe InDesign CS4
Vendor: Adobe Systems Incorporated

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