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Startup BOOTMGR is compressed

The partition boot record found the critical system file bootmgr, located in the root directory, but the file is compressed and can't be used. Windows cannot begin without loading the uncompressed version of this file.
The bootmgr file is stored in the C: root directory as a hidden system file.

Type: Fatal Boot
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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Default bootmgr compressed

hi.. i have read the solution thank you.. problem is my friend doesnt have a vista cd.. i did read somewhere a xp instal cd would work also but after selecting repair it stops loading ..

i have also read & downloaded a boot up software to a flashdrive but no forums etc on this tell you what to change the start/boot settings to as there is no option for a flash drive in the settings .. only harddrive or cd..

problem my friend has that i havent seen mentioned is that he uses a password .. so i cant get the F8 key to go to safemode as after he enters his password it goes straight to the logo page & then the dreaded error message '
BOOTMGR is compressed. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart..

i went to the settings page but it wont let me disable password..

any help on how to bypass the password issue to get to safe mode would be very appreciated ..

thanks anne
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An XP disk will not help. The boot process completely changed with Windows Vista, and the BOOTMGR and related files do not exist under XP.

I'm not sure what boot software you've downloaded, but I doubt it will help. There are a number of third-party boot loaders available, but they rely on an already working copy of Windows. They are used to boot into different operating systems such as Linux and different versions of Windows, but require each OS be installed and working.

BOOTMGR is so early in the boot process, that the Safe mode problems you're getting are expected and getting past the password will not solve the problem.

The only way I know how to fix this is to have a real Windows Vista boot DVD and follow the instructions on our solutions page. Although most PCs today ship without any Windows DVDs, most PC manufacturers will sell you a copy much cheaper than buying a new copy - typically in the $30-40 range or perhaps you can borrow a friends copy of Vista. Also be aware that a Windows 7 DVD will not likely fix it. It needs to be the same version as installed on the PC.
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Most likely it wont. But in the rare case it does, to get access to the main Recovery console menu, reboot the computer using the Startup Recover Disk. Once presented with the (now) famous error, press the “Load Drivers” button as stated above.

This time, click Cancel when asked for the system image driver. This should trigger the Boot Repair Console window to appear, giving you access to the tools you want.
1.Open Command Prompt (choose it from the menu)
2.Type: compact /U C:\bootmgr, Press Enter
3.Type: compact /U C:\ntldr, Press Enter
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