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Invalid Compose Message - From: COLEJ 12/04/2012 [time] To: MAPI ...

Dialog text:





MAPI: email

Subject: IT WorkOrder # 00135911 has been filed

Message from IT staff:

Thank you for contacting the SEMATECH IT Help Desk. Your issue has been recorded as follows:

Workorder #: 00135911
Priority: 2
Call logged for: Sarma, Chandra
Call received at: time , date
Call received by: Help Desk agent COLEJ

The problem as you described it:

cannot ping or RDP to PROLITH1 - has worked in the past, and was working last week, but not today: "Remote Desktop cannot find computer PROLITH1. This might mean that PROLITH1 does not belong to the specified network."

Windows Firewall had been turned on, but is now off. Machine shows an IPV6 address through nslookup, but IPV6 is turned off. Stopped/restarted all remote connection services, released/renewed IP address (had a 10.x.x.x address but now has a 198.x.x.x address), flushed DNS cache and rebooted tool - still no luck. That machine can ping any machine on either PC or TOOL netwo

File Attachments:

Forward If Not Read:

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Issued by: HEAT Service & Supportâ„¢
Vendor: FrontRange Solutions USA Inc.

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