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Invalid Prepare your state tax return in minutes!

Dialog text:
Have you ordered your TaxACT State Edition?

TaxACT 2012 State Edition prepares your state tax return in minutes! All of the data you have entered into your federal return is automatically transferred to your state return. There is no re-keying of data, which eliminates potential errors.

If you have not yet purchased TaxACT 2012 State Edition for only $14.95, click on the Order State button below to order your copy today! Or, call toll-free 800-573-4287 to find out how you can benefit from TaxACT 2012 State Edition.

If you have registered for, or purchased, TaxACT 2012 State Edition, be sure that you've downloaded and installed TaxACT 2012 State Edition (TaxACT 2012 and TaxACT 2012 State Edition are separate downloads).

Issued by: TaxACT 2012
Vendor: 2nd Story Software

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