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Invalid Microsoft Word - One or more margins are set outside the ...

Dialog text:
One or more margins are set outside the printable area of the page. Choose the Fix button to increase the appropriate margins.

This error can appear if the margins are too large or small for the current printer, or if you:
The page range might be invalid. A valid page range is the slide numbers or ranges using commas or dashes, with no spaces.
Print to a page size that is not supported by the printer.
Change the margins of the page, and that range is not supported by either the printer or the printer driver.
Print using a landscape setting and the printer driver is set to portrait (or the reverse).
Print a set sized object that does not fit into the printable region.
Print to a margin default that exceeds the printable area of the page (can sometimes happen after changing the default printer to a different printer).
For example, setting the left and right margins to 5 inches (no room for content to fit on the page).
Use print scaling (the percentage size to print the final content) set to a number below 10 percent.
Printing issues associated with a network printer are best handled by your local network administrator or supp


Issued by: Microsoft Office 2010
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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