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Information Message from webpage - An income tax return has been generated ...

Dialog text:
An income tax return has been generated for you containing the latest employee tax certificate [IRP5/IT3(a)] information that SARS has received for you from your employer/s. If your return does not contain all your tax certificate information it means that:
1. Either your employer/s has not yet submitted this information to SARS or
2. SARS is unable to match you to a tax certificate/s due to incomplete or inaccurate information on these certificates (e.g. it does not contain your ID or tax reference number).

SARS recommends that in such cases you do not file this return and rather try again later by refreshing your IRP5 data on the Income Tax Work page.

If you choose to file this return, please be advised that the processing of this return may be significantly delayed and you may be required to submit supporting documentation.

Please note that due to security enhancements and standardisation, all address details have been omitted from returns and are required to be completed. These must be the address (bo

Issued by: Windows Internet Explorer
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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