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Invalid Quicken Account Setup - Investment Account Summary When you are ...

Dialog text:
Investment Account Summary
When you are through with setup, go to your investment account to enter holdings information.
Account Name: name
Financial Institution:
Banc of America Invstmnt Svcs,Inc.
What type of investment account would you like to add?
Use this for stocks, mutual funds, bonds, stock options, and stock purchase plans.
Use this for traditional Individual Retirement Accounts, Roth IRA's, Education IRA's, Keogh plans, 529 plans, and SEP-IRA's.
Use this 401(k) and 403(b) retirement plans.
Use this for single mutual funds purchased directly from a mutual fund company. Dividends are reinvested and there is no cash balance.
Tell us about this account.
Name this account:
Brokerage 2
Example: Is this a tax-deferred account?
Who owns this IRA?
What type of IRA is this?
Pick an IRA Type
What is the ending cash balance for this account?
Enter your cash balance and money market fund balance.
Statement Date: date
If you are entering information from a statement, use the statement ending date.
If you are entering information from the brokerage Web site, use the date the information was posted (usually yesterday; sometimes today).
Cash: 0.00
Money Market Fund:
Your financial institution may call this a "sweep" fund.
Total Cash Balance:
What securities are in this account?
Enter a ticker symbol for each security in your account.
If your computer is connected to the Internet, Quicken uses the ticker symbol to download security details for you. If you don't know the ticker symbol, click Ticker Symbol Lookup.
If you are not connected to the Internet, just enter a security name. You can add more details later.
Required for downloading security details. Do not include bonds--add bond purchases later (in the transaction list, click Enter Transactions.)
Do you want to connect to the Internet?
Connect to the Internet for easier security setup. Quicken can download security names,

Issued by: Quicken for Windows
Vendor: Intuit Inc.

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