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Invalid VideoDownloadConverter Setup - VideoDownloadConverter Toolbar ...

Dialog text:
VideoDownloadConverter Toolbar powered by Ask
Easily download video clips to your computer.
No registration required. Unlimited access.
Search from anywhere on the web.
Make file my homepage && new tab
Make file my default search engine
Also install VideoDownloadConverter on Firefox
By installing this application you agree to the
End User License Agreement
Privacy Policy.
Distributed by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.
Installing [PRODUCT_NAME]...
That's it! Click the "Finish" button below to get started.
Click the "Finish" button below to close this window. Then look for the [PRODUCT_NAME] button on your browser!
Did we do something wrong?
It appears you have cancelled your installation. Please know that the process only takes a few seconds and is completely adware-free and spyware-free. This process is how we add our great [PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION] to your web browser so you have access to them anytime you want.
Want to try again?
We're sorry - we were unable to install [PRODUCT_NAME]
It appears that an error occurred during our attempt to install the [PRODUCT_NAME] file could be due to a number of factors, but please know that you have followed the download instructions correctly.
Now what? Please try to install [PRODUCT_NAME] one more time by clicking the "Yes, Try Again" button below. If you should see this message again, we ask that you contact our Customer Support team so that we may better assist you.
For more details, see
Thank you for your interest in [PRODUCT_NAME].

Issued by: VideoDownloadConverter
Vendor: VideoDownloadConverter

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