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Information Windows Worms Doors Cleaner : - Disabling UPNP service will make ...

Dialog text:
Disabling UPNP service will make you not vulnerable, but the port 5000 will still be opened. To close it, the program has to disable SSDP service too.
However, disabling either UPNP alone, or UPNP & SSDP, will affect on Windows XP the Internet Connection Sharing feature (ICS). If the UPnP capability is disabled, ICS clients will be unable to automatically detect the Internet gateway, and you will need to configure the gateway information manually on every client system.
Do you want to disable both UPNP & SSDP ? (recommended, Yes button)
Do you want to disable UPNP only (you are not vulnerable anymore but port 5000 still opened, 'No' button)
Cancel to come back without disabling either UPNP or SSDP (not recommended)

Issued by: unknown

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