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Fatal An attempt was made to write to read-only memory.

Fatal Bug Check Code - STOP: 0x000000BE

Windows: 2000, XP, Vista, 2008, 7
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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Default Write to read only memory

I need help Im getting the BSOD and can only use my PC in safe mode networking, it happened last week I tried system restore but the PC wont allow it there had been a windows download that day windows XP KB954708 but I cant find it in my system, I done a security scan(McAfee) It would allow a quick scan not a full scan and still nothing. If I could get onto my account without safe mode I could transfer all my files to an external hard drive and restore my PC to factory settings but I get 2 minutes max and then the blue screen appears. Im very limited at these type of things please help
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I recommend isolating if the problem is hardware or software. To do this, see this page on Using System Restore. Go down about half way to the section "Recovery Console and System Restore from Windows XP boot CD".

If you can boot from the XP Boot CD without problem (before attempting a restore), it is likely XP is corrupt and needs to be rebuilt. If the Boot CD also generates similar BSOD errors, it typically indicates a hardware issue and even a full rebuild may not fix the problem (i.e. you'll need to fix the hardware first).

If the Boot CD is working, I suggest checking/fixing the file system as a first step, although I doubt this will correct the problem (one can hope). See instructions in Using System Restore above. XP's restore options are limited, but you may also have more stable access to Windows and can backup your files using the Boot CD's safe mode.
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