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When Tutankhamun was born, he was given the name Tutankhaten meaning "Perfect is the life of Aten" or "The Living Image of the Aten" - the Aten was the single god worshipped during the rule Akhenaten, the heretic king who is believed to have been the father of Tutankhamun. Sinse the discovery of his tomb, many people know something about the boy King known now as Tut.
Not long after Tutankhaten became Pharaoh, there was a restoration of the previously-deposed state god Amun and Tut's name was changed to Tutankhamun.
These days, the name is found with differing spellings, including Tutankhaten, Tutankhamun, Tutankhamen and Tutankhamon. In reality, we cannot be sure how the ancient Egyptians pronounced the name as they did not write vowels. (Some hieroglyphs are transliterated as vowels, since they are weak consonants). Egyptologists add vowels to assist in communicating inform

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