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Invalid SySpeed - During last optimization RWIN = 23360 was set. But ...

Dialog text:
During last optimization RWIN = 23360 was set. But SyAnalyzer has reported that current RWIN is 17288.
It could be because of the following reason:

To set RWIN 64 KBytes TCP options "Windows Scaling" and "Selective Acknowledges" both should be ON.

Possibly you are connected to the Internet through FireWall or Proxy, which overrides your RWIN value.
If it is so, try to change settings of your FireWall or Proxy, otherwise you will not be able to use RWIN bigger than your current RWIN value.




Your system probably has a problem with setting RWIN 64 KBytes.

Issued by: SySpeed 2.0 RTM (Build 1)
Vendor: Softmate Corporation

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