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Invalid SDM Updates - General Instruction - You are about to update the ...

Dialog text:
You are about to update the SDM software. The update process is automatic, and requires minimal input from you.

You have selected Update SDM from local PC. SDM starts the update process when you click Update SDM in this window. Here is what SDM does, and what you have to do:

1. SDM asks you to specify where the file file is located. Browse for the .zip file and click Open.

2. SDM starts the Update application and will provide you an option to back up the SDM files currently on your router. Cisco recommends that you allow the Update application to back up these files.

3. The Update application updates the files on the router. If a problem occurs, you can manually copy the backup files to the router using a tftp server application on the PC. Start the tftp server software, and change the root directory to the location of the backup files. Then, enter the following CLI commands at the router command prompt.

Router# copy tftp:/// flash:

When prompted d

Issued by: Windows Internet Explorer
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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