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Invalid Microsoft Excel - Cannot change part of a merged cell. This ...

Dialog text:
Cannot change part of a merged cell.

This message appears when you try to:
Paste a mismatched range of cells into a merged cell. For example, if you merge eight cells and try to paste a range of six cells onto the merged cell, the alert appears. To fix this problem, copy and paste a range of cells that matches the size of the merged cell.
Cut or delete a row or column that includes a merged cell.
Clear the contents of a row or column that includes a merged cell.
Apply a filter to a column containing a merged cell, and then try to delete the merged cell.
To fix problems with cutting or deleting, split the merged cell and repeat the cut, delete, or clear operation. To split merged cells:
Locate and select the merged cell.
On the Formatting toolbar, click Merge and Center.
On the Format menu, click Cells, click the Alignment tab, clear the Merge cells check box, and then click OK.
Note When you split a merged cell, Excel writes the data from the merged cell into the upper-left split cell and leaves the adjoining split cells blank.

Issued by: Microsoft Office 2003
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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