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Invalid Info - OK Displayed Data: --------------------------- File -- ...

Dialog text:

Displayed Data:

File -- Path and Name of the current file

Device -- Device (DeviceID) the file is set to

BIOS Version -- The internal Version of the BIOS
(since 2.0, before the BIOS Version was
displayed from BIOS version bootup string.)

Vendor -- Vendor (Sub VendorID) the file is set to

Date -- Date of the BIOS

Product -- Product / Info String from the BIOS

Integrity -- Indicator for the integrity of the BIOS

What do the integrity colors mean?
Green -- BIOS looks good

Yellow -- Checksum error
The Checksum stored in the BIOS does not match the one
calculated from the actual data.

This means that data was modified either by hand o

Issued by: NiBiTor

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