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Invalid Firewall Leakage Tester v1.2 - Leak Test v1.2 Application ...

Dialog text:
Leak Test v1.2
Application Awareness
Firewall Leakage Tester

What is LeakTest?
LeakTest is a simple (even trivial) program that attempts to make an outbound connection from a personal computer to the file server. Simple as it is, LeakTest allows users to determine the nature and degree of their computer's personal firewall outbound control, filtering, and protection.

LeakTest v1.0:
When LeakTest v1.0 was first released, only one personal firewall (ZoneAlarm) could not be trivially bypassed. But the pressure created by LeakTest's simple demonstration caused most personal firewalls to improve their technology to prevent simple "application masquerading" exploits.

A few products in the personal firewall category, notably the popular BlackICE Defender, presumably chose not to improve their technology and continued to "leak" as demonstrated by LeakTest v1.0.

LeakTest v1.1:
Version 1.1 of LeakTest was created moments after we learned that an update to BlackICE Defender was deliberately cheati

Issued by: LeakTest, freeware by Steve Gibson
Vendor: Gibson Research Corp.

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