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Invalid Failure - Generation incomplete - 1. Have you tested your ...

Dialog text:
1. Have you tested your timetable?
Computer cannot generate a timetable for whole school if he cannot generate a timetable for one class. And generation of one class can only fail if you have inputted too many constraints on that class's schedule or you simply made some mistakes while inputting class's lessons. During Test the program tries to generate small parts of the schedule so that you can easily find possible mistakes in those subparts that are not successfully generated. You can run Test using menu Timetable/Test.

2. Besides running global test it is also a good idea to try to generate timetables for each class one by one and check the resulting schedules. You can easily check if you have inputted all the lessons for that class, if the divisions you have inputted are correct and if the results of generation are like you expect them to be.
Schedule for one class can easily be generated by putting any card of that class into the schedule and then pressing right mouse button and choosing test. Usin

Issued by: roz Application

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