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Warning Changes and news in this release - You're running the Sendspace ...

Dialog text:
You're running the Sendspace Wizard 1.3.4 for the first time

Below is a list of changes in this release:

-- 1.3.4 --

- Fixed a problem with DragDrop on certain platforms and configurations that could prevent users from dropping files in the transfer area.

- Fixed a problem restoring the upload speed limit value when the preferences dialog was entered.

- Fixed a bug where a remote file added via the URL field in the Wizard will not auto-start even if files are set to start automatically when queued.

- Added a warning for expired accounts.

- Modified the dialog shown when a file already exists to give the user fine grained control over the options.

- Added default transfer finished and transfer errored sound files to the Mac application bundle.

- Fixed several misc. bugs and improved stability.

-- 1.3.3 --

- Fixed a problem with the transfer ordering when uploading a group of files at the same time that could cause a spurious internal inconsistence error.

-- 1.3.2 --

- Fixed lockups in some MacOS X systems caused by the session log saving/loading.

-- 1.3.1 --

- Fixed a pro

Issued by: ssgui_app

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