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good star The Good
  • Finds new drivers
  • Update notifications
  • Direct driver download
  • Easy roll-back
  • VIP Tech Support
  • Ad-free
  • For Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP PCs

  bad The Bad  

Vendors seem to make endless number of fixes and updates (but not a fault of RadarSync).


Our Summary

Helps keep your PC running smoothly before problems occur by ensuring your PC has the latest drivers and updates.

Keeps your PC running better and safer!
  RadarSync PC Updater  
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Experts recommend updating your computer drivers and software applications as the best line of offense against computer problems. The fact is, computers aren't like televisions - you can't just plug them in and expect them to run without maintenance. If you want your computer to continue to work well and deliver optimal performance, you need to ensure you have the latest driver and software updates. If you've ever had a system crash, become  slow to respond, or had a security breach, you've likely felt the effects of outdated drivers and software.

RadarSync keeps your system up to date with the latest drivers and updates. While Windows Update (WU) is important, WU rarely covers any useful or up-to-date device drivers and other updates beyond the Windows operating system.

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RadarSync analyzes your system and recommends important drivers and software updates to download. The RadarSync maintains an extensive database or the latest drivers and other software updates so you don't have to hunt and find these critical components.

The RadarSync database covers the latest drivers and updates for the vast majority of software and hardware devices in your PC such as motherboards, video cards, network cards,sound cards, mice, keyboards, monitors, digital cameras, video capture cards, HDTV cards, and much more!

  • Finds out which driver and software updates your PC needs
  • Auto-update scheduler
  • Safe downloads operate directly from vendor - no fear of viruses or worms
  • Receive email notifications whenever there's a new file update available for your PC
  • Direct links from results to download updates
  • Easily roll-back to previous installed version of an update
  • Licensed for 3 PCs
  • VIP support provides a response within 24-hours, guaranteed
  • Ad-free operation
  • Supports Windows 8, 7 and Vista (32-bit and 64-bit), and XP
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RadarSync is available in a Paid and Free Trial versions. Both versions helps keep your PC ruining smoothly and safely, getting your the latest updates for drivers and software.  The Paid version includes additional features and VIP technical support. 







Auto Update scheduler ensures you're always up to date


VIP technical support, with guaranteed response within 24-hours.


Find Best choice of which drivers and software updates you need.

Receive email notifications whenever there's a new file update available for your PC.

System restore reminder provides easy roll-back to a previous installed version of an update.

Direct Download from vendor to avoid any risk of viruses or malware.

Download Recommendations to find out what others recommend.


RadarSync is recommended by PC World, PC Magazine, Yahoo! Tech, and Earthlink.

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