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With FaultWire installed, you get one-click answers on most PC warnings and errors. You'll also get links to support, company info and details not normally available!

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  • History Log
  • Instant Email
  • Summary Info
  • Dialog Manager

Faultwire gives you the quick solutions you need. Install it today and see what you've been missing!

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  FaultWire Pro  
FaultWire Basic Box FaultWire Pro expands your abilities with additional features over FaultWire basic, such as instant email, dialog manager, history log and more! While exceptionally easy to use, it's intended for the advanced PC user and all users in a corporate environment.
  FaultWire Basic  
FaultWire Basic Box FaultWire Basic gets you the answers you need fast! You get the FaultWire Basic application that provides a direct connection to our extensive web database of additional information, explanations, solutions and links to support.
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