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  Partition Commander
Now it's easy for anyone to safely partition their hard drive! You can reclaim waste disk space, organize files, even add new OSes.
PC Mover
Move applications, files and settings from one PC to another. Handles Windows upgrades too, even XP 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit!
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  Often the key to finding solution remains on the publishers own Web site. This list provides details on many publishers and software companies, including Support contacts, location and other useful information.  
  Top 5 PC Software Publishers  
Microsoft logo
Microsoft Corproation
Apple logo
Apple Computer, Inc.
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Symantec Corporation
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Google, Inc.
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Adobe Systems, Incorporated
  Publishers by Alphabetical order  
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Selection e EA Digital Illusions CE AB
EA Group
Earth Class Mail Corp.
EarthLink, Inc.
Eastman Kodak Company
EAST Technologies
EasyBits Software AS
Ebay Inc.
E-Book Systems, Inc.
Eclipse Foundation, Inc.
Eclipsys Corporation
Ecora Software Corporation
EdgeRunner LLC
Eduard Hiti
Edventure Software
EFD Software
EffectMatrix Ltd.
e Frontier America Inc
eGain Communications Corp.
eGrabber Inc.
eHelp Corporation
Eicon Networks
Eidos Interactive
Ekahau, Inc.
ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Electronic Temperature Instruments Ltd
Element K Corporation
Elitecore Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Ellis Enterprises, Inc.
Elms Systems Corporation
Emageon, Inc.
Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.
EMC Corporation
EMCO Software
Emerson Electric Co.
Emicsoft Studio
Emiel Wieldraaijer
Empire Interactive Ltd.
Empty Loop
Emulex Corporation
enChoice Inc.
Encore Software Inc.
Encourage Software
EnergySoft LLC
Enfish Corporation
Enfocus Software
Enghouse Systems Limited
Enigma Software Group USA, LLC
Enriva Development
EntComm, Inc.
Enteractive Distribution Co.
Enterprise Engineering, Inc.
Enterprise Informatics, Inc.
Enterprise Sign MAX Inc.
Entigo Corporation
Entrust, Inc.
Envision Financial Systems, Inc.
Envision Telephony Inc.
Epic Games, Inc.
Epicor Software Corporation
E-Press Corp.
EQO Communications Inc.
Equisys PLC
Eranda Gunathilaka
Eric Zhang
EsComputer Co., Ltd.
Esker Inc.
Esoteric Technologies Pty Ltd
ESTsoft Corp., Inc.
ETech Software Limited
Ethereal, Inc.
EuroTalk Ltd.
Eusing Software
Even Balance, Inc.
Evernote Corp.
Everstrike Software
Evolving Systems
eWork, Inc.
Exact Holdings N.V.
Exalead Inc.
Excellent Software Inc.
Exent Technologies Ltd.
Exor Corporation
ExpensAble, Inc.
Exstream Software, LLC
EXTOL International, Inc.
Eyedentity Games Inc.
EZB Systems, Inc.
ezvid, inc.