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Windows 7 Solutions

Microsoft Office Outlook

The default data file cannot be removed,...


The Outlook data file (typically .pst) cannot be removed as it is currently where mail is delivered.

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Microsoft Office Outlook screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on Windows 7 style options and where it occurs.
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  Microsoft Office Outlook 

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  The default data file cannot be removed, because it is your default delivery location. After you have selected a different default delivery location, your current file can be removed. 

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  Windows 7

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  Microsoft Corporation    
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Change Outlook Paths
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Different versions of Outlook will operate slightly differently. We've documented the process for Outlook 2007, but it is very similar for other versions.

  1. First create a new delivery location for any incoming mail:

    Disable mail temporally so it doesn't go into the old location while the changes are being made. On the menu, select Tools, Options, and click the Mail Setup tab. Click on Send/Receive, and under Settings for..., note the current check-boxes (so they can be set back later on) and un-check all the boxes.

    Click Close, then OK.
  2. Select Tools, Account Settings, and click on the E-mail tab if not already set. Near the bottom half, click the button Change Folder. Click the button New Outlook Data File...

    On newer versions of Outlook, you will get to choose if you want to use the current .pst type or an old style for Outlook 97-2002. Select your choice and click OK.

    Now you can specify the file name and location. It can be a temporary file, such as "TempFile.pst". Select OK when this is set. We don't plan to actually use this file.
  3. On the menu, select Tools, Options, and click the Mail Setup tab. Click on Data Files... and click on Open Folder... For now, leave the Explorer dialog open, as we'll use it later.
  4. Navigate to the prior Account Settings Dialog (under Explorer), and highlight the PST file to remove. The default is "Personal Folders" although you may have a different
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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 4-May-2011
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