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Windows Vista Solutions

Internet Explorer - Security Warning

Do you want to run this ActiveX control? Name:...


An ActiveX control is a portion of code that can perform extra tasks on your PC. This dialog asks if you want to allow the control to run.

Unlike other technologies like JavaScript, ActiveX has the potential load a virus, keylogger or malware and should be carefully considered before running. If you were on a known site, such as, then it is likely safe to run the ActiveX control. Only if you know and trust the manufacturer AND the site that it came from, should you consider allowing it to run.

  Sample Dialog  
Internet Explorer - Security Warning screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on Vista style options and where it occurs.
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Full Title
  Internet Explorer - Security Warning 

Body Text
  Do you want to run this ActiveX control?

Name: name
Publisher: publishers name

This ActiveX control was previously added to your computer when you installed another program, or when Windows was installed. You should only run it if you trust the publisher and the website requesting it. What's the risk? 

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  Windows Vista

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  Microsoft Corporation    
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If you trust the source and you initiated the action, click on Run to start the program. Otherwise select Cancel to skip program execution.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 5-May-2010
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  Technical Details  
  technical details

ActiveX is a technically advanced solution developed by Microsoft to create feature rich applications and allow enhancements via the Internet. Security has improved somewhat since it's introduction in 1996, but it still poses significant system risks. IE even maintains a blacklist of known bad ActiveX controls, but it can't possibly deal with zero-day attacks. Because of the significant security issues and the fact that most users refuse to allow ActiveX controls to run from anyone other than Microsoft, few companies use ActiveX web downloads other than Microsoft.

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  Microsoft Corporation (more info...)

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