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Windows XP Solutions


EPSON Scan cannot be started. Please use the...


The scan cannot begin, likely because of a communication or driver issue.

  Sample Dialog  
EPSON Scan screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on XP style options and where it occurs.
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Full Title
  EPSON Scan 

Body Text
  EPSON Scan cannot be started.
Please use the Troubleshooting Assistant to solve the problem.
Do you want to open the Troubleshooting Assistant? 

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  Windows XP

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  Seiko Epson Corporation    
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Check Cables
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Verify the cables are properly and securely connected to both the PC and the device.

In some cases the cable may be in the socket, but not fully connected if it was pulled out slightly. For cables like USB, Firewire, or eSATA, it must be fully inserted.

If you have additional connectors on your PC of the same type, you might try another connector. For example, most PCs have multiple USB ports. Try a different port to see if it corrects the issue. Not only does this test a different connector, Windows may re-load the related interface driver.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 21-Jan-2011
Reload Device Driver {USB Connected Device}
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Reload the device driver as it may have become corrupted and/or is an outdated version.

  1. Go to the Device Manager.

    Windows 8: Press Windows and X at the same time.  Select Device Manager.

    Windows 7/Vista: Select System Properties (Windows key + Break). On the left side, select Device Manager.

    Windows XP: Select System Properties (Windows key + Break). Select the Hardware tab, then Device Manager.
  2. Confirm there are no yellow exclamation marks next to Universal Serial Bus Controllers near the bottom of the list. If so, it indicates a problem with the USB hardware or core USB drivers, a different issue than reloading the device driver for your attached device.
  3. For your specific hardware device, locate the item in the list. For example, a scanner with problems, may be found under Imaging Devices or Other Devices. Expand the item by clicking on the name or icon. The item should expand to see one or more devices. Click on the specific problem device.
  4. The Properties box appears. Select the Driver tab.

  5. Select Update Driver and follow the instructions to complete the update. It may require your product's original installation disk.
  6. While doing the update if the error message appears indicating the driver is not "Digitally Signed", click continue anyway. Many valid drivers have not been digitally signed (especially for XP).
  7. Close all the open dialogs, and restart the system. With luck, the attached device will now function correctly.
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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 21-Jan-2011
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