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Windows XP Solutions

Problem with Scrap/Document Shortcut

Unable to create and store scrap/shortcut...


When attempting to read a scrap/document shortcut, a disk read error occurred.

  Sample Dialog  
Problem with Scrap/Document Shortcut screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on XP style options and where it occurs.
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Full Title
  Problem with Scrap/Document Shortcut 

Body Text
  Unable to create and store scrap/shortcut object

A disk error occurred during a read operation. 

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  Windows XP

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  Microsoft Corporation    
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Repair File System (XP/2003)
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You'll use the Recovery Console to check and fix file system problems. To get to the Recovery Console prompt. insert the XP installation CD and reboot the system. Assuming the BIOS defaults to booting from the media (usually the default) a "Welcome to Setup" screen appears. Press R to load the Recovery Console.

At the prompt, type: chkdsk /r

For detailed instructions with screen shots to run the recovery console, go to Using System Restore XP/2003

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 2-Jan-2011
Check Hard Disk and Cables
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If you had changed, added or removed hard drives, or changed or removed drive cabling, likely something is wrong. Recheck that the drives are properly installed and the cabling has not changed. Switching cables to different motherboard connectors or changing the master/slave drive jumpers (on old ATA drives) can cause this problem. In some systems, the cables were not plugged into the drive or motherboard securely and may have worked loose. Reseat all drive connectors.

It's also possible a hard drive is failing. Use a system diagnostic to validate the drive or swap to another hard disk.

Several software products that offer disk diagnostics includes Fix-It Utilities Professional and SystemSuite Professional. Other diagnostic products include Eurosoft's PC Check and Iolo's System Mechanic.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 2-Jan-2011
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  Technical Details  
  technical details

A Scrap/Document shortcut is created when a object (such as a section of text or a table from Word or Excel) is copied and pasted to the desktop for later use. The scrap can only be used in an application that understands the scrap. When created, Microsoft uses the .shs file extension. Note that even if extensions are turned one, Explorer will still hide this extension.

This file can contain the information along with scripting and other executable content. This means it can also contain a virus or other malware. Only scraps created by the original user should be used (i.e. those you create yourself). Scrap files from other sources, such as email attachments, cannot be trusted and should not be used.

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  Microsoft Corporation (more info...)

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