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Deep Cleaning

Unclogs nozzles that cannot be cleared by...

  Sample Dialog  
Deep Cleaning screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on Windows style options and where it occurs.
  Key Facts  
Full Title
  Deep Cleaning 

Body Text
  Unclogs nozzles that cannot be cleared by regular cleaning.

Select the target ink group for deep cleaning. If only the black nozzle is clogged, select Black. If only the color nozzles or both the black and color nozzles are clogged, select All Colors. If you are not sure which nozzle is clogged, execute nozzle check.

Ink Group:

Deep cleaning consumes much more ink than regular cleaning. Execute deep cleaning only if the nozzle condition does not improve after regular cleaning.

After the deep cleaning ends, execute nozzle check and check whether the print head nozzles have been unclogged. 

Typical location
  C:\Program Files\Canon\MyPrinter\

Issued By

  Windows XP

occurance meter

  Canon, Inc.    
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  Canon, Inc. (more info...)

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