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Microsoft Office Word

Word cannot give a document the same name as an...

  Sample Dialog  
Microsoft Office Word screen shot
Dialog may appear differently depending on Windows style options and where it occurs.
  Key Facts  
Full Title
  Microsoft Office Word 

Body Text
  Word cannot give a document the same name as an open document.
Type a different name for the document you want to save. (C:\...\New Microsoft Office Word Docu...)

This message can appear for the following reasons:
You have two sessions of Word open at the same time and you attempt to save the current file with the same name as the file that is open in the other Word session. Find the other editing session and determine which version of the file you want to save. If you need to keep both, consider resolving the differences between the two files using the Compare and Combine commands on the Review tab in the Compare group.
The file that you are editing is being edited by another user. This typically happens with network file servers where two people are attempting to work with the same file at the same time. To temporarily work around this error, save the file by using a different file name.
If you have two different versions of the file after resolving this scenario (similar content, different file names), you will most likely need to resolve the differences in the two files. You should consider using the Compare and Combine commands (on the Review tab, in the Compa


Typical location
  C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office12\

Issued By

  Windows XP

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  Microsoft Corporation    
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