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Exception Solutions

Privileged instruction

Fatal exception 0xC0000096


The program attempted to execute an instruction with an operation that is not allowed in the current computer mode.

There are a number of instructions that are reserved for the operating system use only, and the identified program attempted to use one of these instrucitons.  Typically this indicates a bug in the program, but it might also indicate the presense of a poorly written malware or virus, or even a memory problem.

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  Microsoft Corporation*

* Reporting vendor, unclear who is responsible for the issue.
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Update or Replace Defective Software
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Install a newer version of the program if available that corrects the issue or use an alternative software product.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 8-Jan-2009
Remove Viruses and Malware
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Using an Anti-Virus product with the latest pattern files, scan the system for viruses and malware. Often this is called a deep-scan where it looks at every file in the system.

Several software products that handle the detection and removal of Viruses and Malware include Avanquest's Fix-It Utilities Professional and SystemSuite Professional. Other commonly available Anti-virus products are available from Computer Associates, F-Secure, Kaspersky Labs, McAfee, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro and others.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 5-Oct-2008
Check Memory
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You may have a defective memory. This is even more likely if it only occurs when the system is cold or hot, but not all the time. Use a memory tester to confirm if it is defective or if you have spare memory, try replacement.

Windows 7 and Vista include a Memory Test program when booting from the Windows Installation DVD. Step-by-step instructions with screen shots are available at Using System Restore on 7/Vista/2008 as part of System Recovery.

Several software products that also provide memory and video diagnostics includes Fix-It Utilities Professional and SystemSuite Professional. Other diagnostic products include Eurosoft's PC Check and Iolo's System Mechanic.

Additional Memory Solutions:

  • Confirm all the memory is of the same type and speed. Many motherboards only work correctly when the memory is installed with matched sets and matched speeds.
  • If you added or changed your memory just before this problem occurred, try reverting to the prior memory configuration to confirm it's the source of the problem.
  • Check that the memory is fully seated in the sockets. Memory sockets often have side latches that need to be upright to indicate the memory is correctly locked in place.
  • Confirm the memory resides in the correct slots on the motherboard. You'll need to refer to the motherboard manual to confirm this. There is little consistency, even within a single vendor. Some systems require that memory is installed as matched pairs, but not always adjacent to each other!
  • It's also possible the memory problem is on the video card, as they often contain additional memory. The video card should be tested and/or try a different video card to see if the problem goes away.
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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 5-Oct-2008
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It is likely this was initiated by the processor as a General Protection Error, interrupt 13.

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  Microsoft Corporation (more info...)

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  Although less informative than our notes here, you can view the Microsoft MSDN source document for a list of the NTSTATUS codes used when Microsoft encounter a problem with an application.  
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