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Exception Solutions

Possible deadlock condition

Fatal exception 0xC0000194


It appears the application has hung and is no longer responsive. It's possible a process is still ruining and there may not be a real error.

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  Microsoft Corporation*

* Reporting vendor, unclear who is responsible for the issue.
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Disable or Remove a CPU Hog
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A program may be taking so much of the processors available time that other applications are failing, acting erratic or hanging. Anti-virus programs are a common CPU hog, and if poorly written can cause all sort of odd behavior. Even some of the big names have problems with taking too much CPU bandwidth, especially if a deep scan is underway.

If you know the offending program,  turn it off via the program's own controls.

You can also see program hogs using the Task Manager.  To bring up Task Manager, press Ctrl-Alt-Esc.  There are several alternative ways to bring up Task Manager, such as pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del and selecting "Start Task Manager" (7/Vista) or pressing the "Task Manager" button (XP).

Select the Process tab to see all the items running on your PC. The CPU column shows items that are consuming processor time. Anything over 40 is a heavy CPU user, except for the System Idle Process. 

You can sort the list by clicking on any heading, such as the CPU heading. The first click will sort from lowest activity to highest, so you'll need to click the CPU heading a second time if you want to view the heaviest users at the top.

If you identify a process to kill, select the item and press the End Process button.

Avoid ending any process you are unsure of what it is, including Windows system processes, or you may kill Windows itself!

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 15-Jan-2009
Update or Replace Defective Software
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Most exception errors are the result of a software bug. If the faulting program is identified, check if a newer version is available that corrects the issue.

Be aware that in some cases the fault might lie elsewhere, such as an operating system file, driver or other defective software that is running.

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  FaultWire Staff
Posted: 8-Jan-2009
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  Although less informative than our notes here, you can view the Microsoft MSDN source document for a list of the NTSTATUS codes used when Microsoft encounter a problem with an application.  
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