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This guide will help you understand the Annoyances Solution page.

  What Key Sections Mean  

Description - We explain the annoyance in simple easy-to-understand language with a minimum of acronyms.

Sample Dialog - When available, we show a typical screen shot for this specific annoyance. Your error may look different depending on the visual style you are using, but it should be quite similar.

Key Facts - The basics of the error appear here. In addition, our occurrence meter (on the left) gives a rough idea of how frequency users encounter this issue.

Solutions and Fixes - Here are listed solutions for the annoyance. You can also vote for a specific solution, add your own solution, or flag a solution if you see a problem with it.

When more than one solution exists, you can select to order those solutions by date, votes or our ratings from the tabs at the top-right of the solutions area:

order tabs

For each solution, a box shows the rating (1-10, where 10 is best) based on a combination of likely to solve it, risk and simplicity from the Solution Analyzer. This first box also shows the number of users who voted for this solution. There are also 3 buttons, where you vote for a solution, add a new solution or flag a solution for problems such as spelling, inappropriate content or other issues. Here's an example of the information and buttons:

info and buttons

Vendor Summary- Here are the basic contact information for the responsible vendor. Click on the "More Info..." link for expanded information on this vendor.

Research This Issue - We've built an immediate search for this specific annoyance. For this section, you can select different tabs to check results for the entire web, or narrow your search to the vendor's site. You can also search Blogs, which may have a different view on the annoyance.