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Exception Solutions

View information and solutions for exceptions where Windows contineus to run. If Windows crashes with a BSoD message, see our Fatal BSoD solutions. There are four types of exceptions you may encounter:

Hang - If a program locks up, typically in a loop it can't get out of it's considered a hang. The program must be terminated, and any unsaved work will be lost. Other running applications are not normally affected.
Fatal - The program performed some action it is not allowed to do, such as dividing by zero or accessing an area of memory it does not have permission to access. Usually these are fatal and the program must be closed, but other running programs are not normally affected.
Error - The program encountered a serious error, but it might be possible to continue depending on what the issue is. Some programs will handle issues from this category, but those that fail to handle the error will normally cause Windows to terminate the program.
Warning - Some functions return a warning, such as a printer is out of paper. Programs should handle these exceptions, usually with a warning message. When the issue is corrected, the program can continue. Many warnings are handled invisibly to the user and will not produce any message.

There is a wide range of methods Windows and applications communicate exceptions. If the message includes an Exception Code, use that number to look up the issue. Often you will have to select a button or hotlink within the message to get the exception code. For example, in some Windows Vista/7 messages you have the option "View problem details" to expand the dialog and show the Exception code.

Use our Exception Decoder to understand what the various parts of any exception code means.

  Our Top Exception Issues  
  0xC0000005 - Access violation
Exception: Hang - Program has stopped working
0xC000000D - Invalid parameter
0x80000002 - Alignment fault exception
0xC00000DE - Invalid domain role
  (Based on frequency of occurrence, no warnings)  
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Enter a hex exception value in the style: C1234567 or 0xC1234567.
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0xC00A000A - Context response error
0xC00A0038 - Context security layer error
0xC00A002A - Context shadow denied
0xC00A0031 - Context shadow disabled
0xC00A0035 - Context shadow ended by mode change
0xC00A0030 - Context shadow invalid
0xC00A0036 - Context shadow not running
0xC00A0010 - Context transport driver error
0xC00A002B - Context WinStation access denied
0xC00A0017 - Context WinStation busy
0xC00A002F - Context WinStation driver not found
0xC00A0016 - Context WinStation name collision
0xC00A0001 - Context WinStation name invalid
0xC00A0015 - Context WinStation not found
0xC0000057 - Control file not supported
0xC000022C - Convert to large
0xC0000305 - Copy protection failure
0xC0000032 - Corrupt disk
0xC0000102 - Corrupt file
0xC00002C4 - Corrupt system file
0xC00000B9 - Could not interpret
0xC0000440 - Credential requires confirmation
0xC000015D - Cross encryption required
0xC000040B - Cross-realm delegation failure
0xC00002F3 - Cryptography system invalid
0xC00002E9 - Current domain not allowed
0xC0190018 - Current transaction not valid
0xC019000F - Customer Relationship Management protocol already exists
0xC0190011 - Customer Relationship Management protocol not found
0xC000003E - Data error
0xC000003D - Data late
0xC000021B - Data not accepted
0xC000003C - Data overrun
0xC000028B - Decryption failed
0xC0000412 - Delay load failed
0xC000A080 - Delayed write failed
0xC000A081 - Delayed write failed
0xC000A082 - Delayed write failed
0xC0000222 - Delayed write failed
0xC0000056 - Delete pending
0xC0000284 - Destination element full
0xC0000038 - Device already attached
0xC0000182 - Device configuration error
0xC000009C - Device data error
0xC00000C0 - Device does not exist
0xC0000366 - Device enumeration error
0xC000009D - Device not connected
0xC0000174 - Device not partitioned
0xC000009E - Device power failure
0xC0000186 - Device protocol error
0xC00002B6 - Device removed
0xC00000B5 - Device timeout
0xC0000281 - Directory is a reparse point
0xC0000101 - Directory not empty
0xC0190008 - Directory not resource manager
0xC0000358 - Directory Service account group can't have universal...
0xC00002C1 - Directory Service admin limit exceeded
0xC00002A4 - Directory Service attribute or value exists
0xC00002A3 - Directory Service attribute type undefined
0xC00002A5 - Directory Service busy
0xC00002AE - Directory Service can't modify object class
0xC00002D0 - Directory Service can't modify primary group ID
0xC00002AC - Directory Service can't on non leaf
0xC00002AD - Directory Service can't on Relatively Defined Name
0xC00002E1 - Directory Service can't start
0xC00002AF - Directory Service cross domain move failed
0xC0000801 - Directory Service domain rename in progress
0xC0000405 - Directory Service duplicate ID found
0xC00002DA - Directory Service global can't have cross domain member
0xC00002D7 - Directory Service global can't have local member
0xC00002D8 - Directory Service global can't have universal member
0xC00002B0 - Directory Service global catalog not available
0xC00002E4 - Directory Service global catalog required
0xC0000406 - Directory Service group conversion error
0xC00002DC - Directory Service have primary members
0xC00002A9 - Directory Service incorrect role owner
0xC00002E2 - Directory Service initialization failure
0xC00002EC - Directory Service initialization failure console
0xC00002A2 - Directory Service invalid attribute syntax
0xC00002D4 - Directory Service invalid group type
0xC00002DB - Directory Service local can't have cross domain local...
0xC00002E5 - Directory Service local member of local only
0xC00002E7 - Directory Service machine account quota exceeded
0xC0000404 - Directory Service name not unique
0xC00002A1 - Directory Service no attribute or value
0xC00002E6 - Directory Service no Foreign Principal Object in...
0xC00002A8 - Directory Service no more relative identifiers
0xC00002D5 - Directory Service no nest global group in mixed domain
0xC00002D6 - Directory Service no nest local group in mixed domain
0xC00002A7 - Directory Service no relative identifiers allocated
0xC00002AB - Directory Service object class violation
0xC00002AA - Directory Service relative identifier manager...
0xC00002B1 - Directory service required
0xC00002CB - Directory Service Security Accounts Manager...
0xC00002ED - Directory Service Security Accounts Manager...
0xC00002CD - Directory Service sensitive group violation
0xC00002A6 - Directory Service unavailable
0xC00002D9 - Directory Service universal can't have local member
0xC0000355 - Directory Service version check failure
0xC000007F - Disk full