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Exception Solutions

View information and solutions for exceptions where Windows contineus to run. If Windows crashes with a BSoD message, see our Fatal BSoD solutions. There are four types of exceptions you may encounter:

Hang - If a program locks up, typically in a loop it can't get out of it's considered a hang. The program must be terminated, and any unsaved work will be lost. Other running applications are not normally affected.
Fatal - The program performed some action it is not allowed to do, such as dividing by zero or accessing an area of memory it does not have permission to access. Usually these are fatal and the program must be closed, but other running programs are not normally affected.
Error - The program encountered a serious error, but it might be possible to continue depending on what the issue is. Some programs will handle issues from this category, but those that fail to handle the error will normally cause Windows to terminate the program.
Warning - Some functions return a warning, such as a printer is out of paper. Programs should handle these exceptions, usually with a warning message. When the issue is corrected, the program can continue. Many warnings are handled invisibly to the user and will not produce any message.

There is a wide range of methods Windows and applications communicate exceptions. If the message includes an Exception Code, use that number to look up the issue. Often you will have to select a button or hotlink within the message to get the exception code. For example, in some Windows Vista/7 messages you have the option "View problem details" to expand the dialog and show the Exception code.

Use our Exception Decoder to understand what the various parts of any exception code means.

  Our Top Exception Issues  
  0xC0000005 - Access violation
Exception: Hang - Program has stopped working
0xC000000D - Invalid parameter
0x80000002 - Alignment fault exception
0xC00000DE - Invalid domain role
  (Based on frequency of occurrence, no warnings)  
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0xC00000F3 - Invalid parameter 5
0xC00000F4 - Invalid parameter 6
0xC00000F5 - Invalid parameter 7
0xC00000F6 - Invalid parameter 8
0xC00000F7 - Invalid parameter 9
0xC0000030 - Invalid parameter mix
0xC00000AD - Invalid pipe state
0xC0000261 - Invalid Plug-and-Play device path
0xC000002E - Invalid port attributes
0xC0000042 - Invalid port handle
0xC000005B - Invalid primary group
0xC0000031 - Invalid quota lower
0xC00000B4 - Invalid read mode
0xC0000079 - Invalid security descriptor
0xC0000078 - Invalid Security Identifier
0xC00000DC - Invalid server state
0xC0000252 - Invalid service callback entry point
0xC000A000 - Invalid signature
0xC0000076 - Invalid sub authority
0xC000001C - Invalid system service
0xC0000501 - Invalid task index
0xC0000500 - Invalid task name
0xC000071C - Invalid thread
0xC0190002 - Invalid transaction
0xC0000029 - Invalid unwind target
0xC00000E8 - Invalid user buffer
0xC0000232 - Invalid variant
0xC0000086 - Invalid volume label
0xC0000070 - Invalid workstation
0xC0000254 - IP address conflict1
0xC0000255 - IP address conflict2
0xC000038A - Issuing Certificate Authority untrusted
0xC000040D - Issuing Certificate Authority untrusted Key Distribution...
0xC00002B7 - Journal delete in progress
0xC00002CF - Journal entry deleted
0xC00002B8 - Journal not active
0xC000017C - Key deleted
0xC000040E - Key Distribution Center certificate expired
0xC000040F - Key Distribution Center certificate revoked
0xC00002FB - Key Distribution Center invalid request
0xC00002FC - Key Distribution Center unable to refer
0xC00002FD - Key Distribution Center unknown encryption type
0xC0000180 - Key has children
0xC000017F - LAN Manager cross encryption required
0xC0000069 - Last admin
0xC0000259 - License quota exceeded
0xC000026A - License violation
0xC0000706 - Local procedure call invalid connection usage
0xC0000705 - Local procedure call receive buffer expected
0xC0000253 - Local procedure call reply lost
0xC0000707 - Local procedure call requests not allowed
0xC0000075 - Local user identifiers exhausted
0xC0000055 - Lock not granted
0xC01A002F - Log appended flush failed
0xC01A0021 - Log archive in progress
0xC01A0020 - Log archive not in progress
0xC01A0004 - Log block incomplete
0xC01A000A - Log block invalid
0xC01A0009 - Log block version
0xC01A0006 - Log blocks exhausted
0xC01A0011 - Log can't delete
0xC01A0024 - Log client already registered
0xC01A0025 - Log client not registered
0xC01A0012 - Log container limit exceeded
0xC01A0029 - Log container open failed
0xC01A0027 - Log container read failed
0xC01A002A - Log container state invalid
0xC01A0028 - Log container write failed
0xC0190030 - Log corruption detected
0xC01A001F - Log dedicated
0xC01A0022 - Log ephemeral
0xC0000188 - Log file full
0xC01A001D - Log full
0xC01A0026 - Log full handler in progress
0xC0190019 - Log growth failed
0xC01A002E - Log inconsistent security
0xC01A0005 - Log invalid range
0xC01A000D - Log metadata corrupt
0xC01A002D - Log metadata flush failed
0xC01A000F - Log metadata inconsistent
0xC01A000E - Log metadata invalid
0xC01A001E - Log multiplexed
0xC01A0023 - Log not enough containers
0xC01A002C - Log pinned
0xC01A0018 - Log pinned archive tail
0xC01A0030 - Log pinned reservation
0xC01A0014 - Log policy already installed
0xC01A0017 - Log policy conflict
0xC01A0016 - Log policy invalid
0xC01A0015 - Log policy not installed
0xC01A0007 - Log read context invalid
0xC01A000B - Log read mode invalid
0xC01A0019 - Log record nonexistent
0xC01A001A - Log records reserved invalid
0xC01A0010 - Log reservation invalid
0xC019000B - Log resize invalid size
0xC01A0008 - Log restart invalid
0xC01A0001 - Log sector invalid
0xC01A0002 - Log sector parity invalid
0xC01A0003 - Log sector remapped