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Exception Solutions

Reported Events

Exception Hang

  These are exception events reported by FaultWire users.  
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24Online Client (XP)
7z SFX (XP)
A useful tool to Lock/Encrypt folders, flash disk and Hard... (XP)
ACDSee 15 (XP)
ACDSee 15 (XP)
ACDSee Photo Editor (XP)
ACDSee Pro 2 Photo Manager (XP)
Adobe PageMaker for Windows application file (XP)
Adobe Acrobat 8.1 (XP)
Adobe Acrobat 8.3 (XP)
Adobe Acrobat 9.0 (XP)
Adobe Fireworks CS3 (XP)
Adobe Flash Player Installer/Uninstaller 11.3 r300 (XP)
Adobe Illustrator (XP)
Adobe Photoshop 7.0 ME (XP)
Adobe Photoshop CS Middle East Version (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader (XP)
Adobe Reader 7.0 (XP)
Adobe Reader 8.2 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.0 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.2 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.3 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.4 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.4 (XP)
Adobe Reader 9.5 (XP)
Adobe Reader Installer (XP)
Adobe Updater (XP)
AdvanceBox.exe (XP)
agent_setup.exe (XP)
AIOC exe (XP)
Allmyapps.exe (XP)
Ammyy Admin (XP)
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2013 (XP)
Assassin's Creed Game (XP)
AsusProb.exe (XP)
Auto.exe (XP)
Auto.exe (XP)
AutoCAD Application (XP)
AutoCAD LT Application (XP)
AutoCAD LT Application (XP)
Autodesk component (XP)
AutoPlay Application (XP)
Autorun_By_VictorVal.exe (XP)
AvastUI.exe (XP)
AVG User Interface (XP)
AVG User Interface (XP)
BadApp2.exe (XP)
BB5EasyServiceTool (XP)
Beach Party Craze.exe (XP)
BEST.exe (XP)
BibleWorks 8.0 (XP)
Big Fish Games: Game Manager Application (XP)
Billiard.exe (XP)
Biosagentplus_1218.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
BitZipper (XP)
BlackBerry Desktop Manager (XP)
BlackBerry Desktop Manager (XP)
Blizzard Updater (XP)
BOINC Screensaver (XP)
BrccMCtl.exe is not responding (Vista)
BrccMCtl.exe is not responding (Vista)
Bridge.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
broadcam.exe (XP)
BS.Player (XP)
CDKey (XP)
Chrome.exe is not responding (Vista)
Clinck System Bootstrap Application. (XP)
COMODO SystemCleaner (XP)
CorelDRAW(R) (XP)
CorelDRAW(R) (XP)
cradleofrome_setup.exe (XP)
Cricket07.exe (XP)
Cricket07.exe (XP)
Csgo.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
CXI FireTower UI (XP)
CyberDefender Registry Cleaner (XP)
Debug Diagnostic Tool GUI (XP)
desktop.exe (XP)
DesktopMgr.exe (XP)
DesktopWeather.exe (XP)
Deusex.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
Devil Den Install Program (XP)
dfbhdlc.exe (XP)
DirectX Setup (XP)
Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) (XP)
Download App Installer (XP)
... (XP)
Dreamweaver.exe is not responding (Vista)
Dreamweaver.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
EasyDriverPro.exe is not responding (Windows 7)
eclipse.exe (XP)
Elecard MPEG Player (XP)