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File Details


Windows Task Manager

icon   The Taskmgr.exe program is used to view running applications, processes, and service. Options are provided to end tasks and processes, or run the services application to change the state of services.  Additional features include monitoring performance, networking and users.

Taskmgr.exe is a 32-bit executable for a graphics UI style application.
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File Analysis Report
  Key Facts from within File  
key facts   These are the direct values are extracted from the file. These are defined by the original developer. Some items may be unspecified, mistyped or out of date.
File description
  Windows TaskManager
File Version
  5.1.2600.5512 (xpsp.080413-2105)
  Microsoft Windows Operating System
App version
  Microsoft Corporation
  (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  File System and OS Information  
File system  

This directory holds the core operating system files and libraries.

Date Modified
  14-Apr-2008 5:00 am
Date Created
  14-Apr-2008 5:00 am
  133 KB  (135,680 Bytes)
Captured from
  Core without updates
OS at capture
  Windows XP (SP3), Build 2600, 32-bit edition
  Security Validation  
security   The two security hashes for Taskmgr.exe were created from the original file. The security hash is created by scanning all bytes within the file. Identical files should have the same hashes. SHA1 is considered the more secure than the older MD5 hash.
required   The following files are required when running this program. These may call other files, and there can be additional required files not in this list.

  import Advapi32.dll   import Secur32.dll
  import Comctl32.dll   import Shell32.dll
  import Gdi32.dll   import Shlwapi.dll
  import Iphlpapi.dll   import User32.dll
  import Kernel32.dll   import Vdmdbg.dll
  import Ntdll.dll  
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  Additional Analysis  
  • Taskmgr.exe is a PE style file.
  • This program does not appear to be internally referenced by any other file.
  Internal Resource Counts  
notes   Resources are read-only content stored within the file. It is mostly used to hold graphics, strings, menus and dialog templates, although other types are occasionally used. See our section on Resources Help for more details.

  Strings and Messages28   Icons (Single)18  
  Dialog Templates0   Icons (Grouped)16  
  Menus11   Icons (Animated)0  
  HTML Documents0   Cursors (Single)0  
  Accelerators1   Cursors (Grouped)0  
  Manifests1   Cursors (Animated)0  
  Fonts0   Bitmaps5  
  Icons Inside File  
notes   The single image below shows the Group Icon resources extracted from the file.

  Dialog Titles  
notes   This file includes dialog resources. We've extracted unique dialog titles below.
1Create New Desktop
  Text Inside File  
notes   View the text string resources. Some filtering was done to remove non-standard characters and to limit the length strings. Strings embedded in code are not shown.
1Graph bytes sent.
Graph bytes received.
Graph the sum of the bytes sent and received.
Select which columns will be visible on the Networking page.
Shows all the data that passed through the network adapter.
Reset all adapter history.
Adjusts the scale of the graphs.
Show the scale.
3Client Name
4Shows the domain to which each user account belongs
5Your message to user %s (SessionId=%d) could not be sent.
User %s (SessionId=%d) could not be logged off.
User %s (SessionId=%d) could not be disconnected.
6You are shutting down a remote computer. Nobody will be able to use this computer until it is manually restarted. • • Do you want to continue?
You are shutting down a remote computer with other users still using it. Nobody will be able to use this computer until it is manually restarted. • • Do you want to continue?
You are shutting down this computer while there are other users still using it. Those users may lose data. • • Do you want to continue?
You are restarting this computer while there are other users still using it. Those users may lose data. • • Do you want to continue?
Create New Task
Type the name of a program, folder, document, or Internet resource, and Windows will open it for you.
Windows Task Manager
System Idle Process
Task Manager Warning
WARNING: Changing the priority class of this process may • cause undesired results including system instability. Are you • sure you want to change the priority class?
WARNING: Terminating a process can cause undesired • results including loss of data and system instability. The • process will not be given the chance to save its state or • data before it is terminated. Are you sure you want to • terminate the process?
WARNING: Debugging this process may result in loss of data. • Are you sure you wish to attach the debugger?
8The operation could not be completed. • •
Unable to Terminate Process
Unable to Attach Debugger
Unable to Change Priority
The operation is not valid for this process.
Not Responding
Unable to Create New Desktop
Task Manager
Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator.
Above Normal
Below Normal
This is a critical system process. Task Manager cannot end this process.
9Image Name
Mem Usage
Mem Delta
Page Faults
Paged Pool
USER Objects
10GDI Objects
Session ID
User Name
Peak Mem Usage
I/O Reads
I/O Writes
I/O Other
12I/O Read Bytes
I/O Write Bytes
I/O Other Bytes
13Adapter Name
Adapter Description
Network Utilization
Link Speed
14Byte Sent Throughput
Bytes Received Throughput
Bytes Throughput
Bytes Sent
Bytes Received
Bytes Sent Per Interval
Bytes Received Per Interval
Byte Per Interval
Unicasts Sent
Unicasts Received
Unicasts Sent Per Interval
Unicasts Received Per Interval
Unicasts Per Interval
15Nonunicasts Sent
Nonunicasts Received
Nonunicasts Sent Per Interval
Nonunicasts Received Per Interval
Nonunicasts Per Interval
16Tasks: %d
Processes: %d
Commit Charge: %I64dK / %I64dK
CPU Usage: %d%%
17Unable to Access or Set Process Affinity
18Runs a new program
Exits the Task Manager application
19Displays tasks by using small icons
Displays information about each task
A single history graph shows total CPU usage
Each CPU has its own history graph
20Sets process to the NORMAL priority class
Sets process to the BELOW NORMAL priority class
Sets process to the LOW priority class
21Displays Task Manager help topics
22Restores the Task Manager from its hidden state
Hide the Task Manager when it is minimized
23Shows 16-bit Windows tasks under the associated ntvdm.exe
Hides the title and menu bars
24Message from %s - %s
Unhandled error occurred while connecting. • • #%u %s
Enter the selected User's password.
Session (ID %lu) remote control failed.
Can't remote control Session (ID %lu) because Remote control is disabled on that Session.
Can't remote control Session (ID %lu) because it is disconnected with user's required permission enabled.
25The password was incorrect. Try again.

Zero terminated sub-strings are separated with " • ".
  Vendor Summary  
  Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation Logo



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