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File Details


WMI Service Control Utility

icon   Winmgmt.exe is the core Windows Management Instrumentation service. For developers, it can also be run as a command line application for the current user context if the service is not running. There are several command line options in this case. Run Winmgmt /? for a list of options at the command line.

WinMgmt.exe is a 64-bit executable for a command line application that has no GUI.
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File Analysis Report
  Key Facts from within File  
key facts   These are the direct values are extracted from the file. These are defined by the original developer. Some items may be unspecified, mistyped or out of date.
File description
  WMI Service Control Utility
File Version
  6.1.7600.16385 (win7_rtm.090713-1255)
  Microsoft Windows Operating System
App version
  Microsoft Corporation
  (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
  File System and OS Information  
File system  

The WBEM directory is used by the Web Based Enterprise Management for executables, utilities and data files. Microsoft's implementation of WBEM is called Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). It offers platform independent control of network devices.

Date Modified
  13-Jul-2009 5:39 pm
Date Created
  13-Jul-2009 3:46 pm
  78 KB  (79,872 Bytes)
Captured from
  Core without updates
OS at capture
  Windows 7 (RTM), Build 7600, 64-bit edition
  Security Validation  
security   The two security hashes for WinMgmt.exe were created from the original file. The security hash is created by scanning all bytes within the file. Identical files should have the same hashes. SHA1 is considered the more secure than the older MD5 hash.
required   The following files are required when running this program. These may call other files, and there can be additional required files not in this list.

  import Kernel32.dll   import Shell32.dll
  import Msvcrt.dll   import Wbemcomn.dll
  import Ntdll.dll  
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  Additional Analysis  
  • WinMgmt.exe requires a C++ library, and was likely written in Micorsoft Visual C++. It was likely built using Visual Studio 2008.
  • WinMgmt.exe is a PE style file.
  • This program does not appear to be internally referenced by any other file.
  Instructions on Use  
notes   Command-line help instructions for this application.

Windows Management Instrumentation

Usage:  winmgmt	[/backup ] [/restore  ]
		[/resyncperf] [/standalonehost []] [/sharedhost]
		[/verifyrepository []] [/salvagerepository]

	Causes WMI to back up the repository to the specified file name. The
	filename argument should contain the full path to the file location.
	This process requires a write lock on the repository so that write
	operations to the repository are suspended until the backup process is

	Manually restores the WMI repository from the specified backup file.
	The filename argument should contain the full path to the backup file
	location. To perform the restore operation, WMI saves the existing
	repository to write back if the operation fails. Then the repository is
	restored from the backup file that is specified in the filename
	argument. If exclusive access to the repository cannot be achieved,
	existing clients are disconnected from WMI. The flag argument must be a
	1 (force - disconnect users and restore) or 0 (default - restore if no
	users connected) and specifies the restore mode.

	Registers the system performance libraries with WMI.

/standalonehost []
	Moves the Winmgmt service to a standalone Svchost process that has a
	fixed DCOM endpoint. The default endpoint is "ncacn_ip_tcp.0.24158".
	However, the endpoint may be changed by running Dcomcnfg.exe. The level
	argument is the authentication level for the Svchost process. If level
	is not specified, the default is 4 (RPC_C_AUTHN_LEVEL_PKT).

	Moves the Winmgmt service into the shared Svchost process.

/verifyrepository []
	Performs a consistency check on the WMI repository. When you add the
	/verifyrepository switch without the  argument, then the live
	repository currently used by WMI is verified. When you specify the path
	argument, you can verify any saved copy of the repository. In this
	case, the path argument should contain the full path to the saved
	repository copy. The saved repository should be a copy of the entire
	repository folder.

	Performs a consistency check on the WMI repository, and if an
	inconsistency is detected, rebuilds the repository.  The content of the
	inconsistent repository is merged into the rebuilt repository, if it
	can be read. The salvage operation always works with the repository
	that the WMI service is currently using. MOF files that contain the
	#pragma autorecover preprocessor statement are restored to the

	The repository is reset to the initial state when the operating system
	is first installed. MOF files that contain the #pragma autorecover
	preprocessor statement are restored to the repository.
  Internal Resource Counts  
notes   Resources are read-only content stored within the file. It is mostly used to hold graphics, strings, menus and dialog templates, although other types are occasionally used. See our section on Resources Help for more details.

  Strings and Messages0   Icons (Single)13  
  Dialog Templates0   Icons (Grouped)1  
  Menus0   Icons (Animated)0  
  HTML Documents0   Cursors (Single)0  
  Accelerators0   Cursors (Grouped)0  
  Manifests1   Cursors (Animated)0  
  Fonts0   Bitmaps0  
  Vendor Summary  
  Microsoft Corporation

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