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Default FaultWire opening Internet Explorer doesn't work for me

I really ardently wish FaultWire would change its application to open up a default browser rather than Internet Explorer.

I am for now on an old XP computer. It has very inadequate RAM and processing power. I suffer a lot of fatal freezes. Also being on XP means I cannot upgrade IE past IE8. IE8 on my computer is a horrible monstrosity, slow and heavy, and a colossal drain on limited system resources. If I have another browser up, and something prompts me to want to click on FaultWire, bringing up IE8 causes a fatal freeze, ending the session with the resort to the power button. The way my computer has been lately, I'm not sure it can even handle IE8 without another browser up.

Why don't you dump the default link to IE? It's a browser rapidly losing popularity.

Please make an accomodation for me to let me open my default browser instead. If FaultWire is going to bring up IE, I can't use it, and I may have to remove the program.
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It's easy to set FaultWire to use the browser default.

Click on the Faultwire icon in the task bar. On the menu, select View, then Settings. The first option lets you go to IE, or specify whatever default browser you have set.
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internet explorer

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