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Invalid New in SynthFont version 1.540 - What is new in version ...

Dialog text:
What is new in version 1.540?
Bug fixes
- The Live Midi Input Mode was broken in version 1.530
- Fixed some issues related to the Default SoundFont Override functionality
- Fixed some other minor bugs and irregularities

New features: - Added the midi file extension .midi to the list of known files (as an alternative to the old .mid extension)
- Added a function to display which notes belong to a certain scale in Pianoroll. Fully available to registered users only.

What is new in version 1.530?
Bug fixes
- Since version 1.500, the loudness level has been twice as high as before. Fixed.
- Since version 1.520, SynthFont 1.520 could not exit if closed while playing
- SynthFont might cause an exception when closing after playing on the virtual keyboard
- In PlugPlay, the VST effect Bypass All button worked the wrong way around
- The Sound File Manager would not scan sub-folders initially when adding a new folder to the list
- Fixed the routine for reading GIGA files
New features: -


Issued by: SynthFont
Vendor: Microfast

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