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Startup missing or corrupt: <Windows root>\system32\ntoskrnl.exe

The NTLDR loader either cannot locate the critical system file ntoskrnl.exe or it is damaged. Windows cannot begin without this file.
This can be caused by deletion of the ntoskrnl.exe file or file system damage.

Type: Fatal Boot
Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

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Default windows root/system32/ntoskrnl error

I recently bought a toshiba portege laptop with windows xp already installed. Reg no of xp on bottom of laptop./
i am now getting the above error and cant get any further. I dont have the original xp discs, nor does this laptop have a cd/dvd drive. I usually install things i need from a usb flashdrive.
Any ideas where i go from here??? I am not brill with computers, but can follow instructions. Thanks
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As a used system of unknown origin I'd first suspect either malware or a virus contributed to the problem and possibly the hard disk may be failing. None of this is very helpful when you don't have the XP disks or a CD drive where you could attempt to repair the problem (and see what other problems may have occurred).

The only approach I can see is to get a OEM Windows XP installation CD. If you don't have any important personal data on the laptop, I'd reload a fresh copy of XP and avoid possible viruses and other problems. Often vendors sell a cheap OEM version CD set for an existing laptop which also has the correct drivers for the specific laptop. I'd check with the Toshiba web site. Of course this also means you'll need to buy/borrow a CD drive that connects via USB to the laptop.

Good luck!
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i have also read & downloaded a boot up software to a flashdrive but no forums etc on this tell you what to change the start/boot settings to as there is no option for a flash drive in the settings .. only harddrive or cd..

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