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  FaultWire Pro
  good star The Good  
  • Find solutions fast
  • Demystify errors
  • Company identification
  • Support links
  • Forum on specific issue
  • Easy to install & use
  • Instant help email
  • Enhanced for advanced users and corporate
  • Logs all errors
  bad The Bad  
  • No solutions for some issues and warnings

Our Summary
As the publisher, maybe we're slightly biased, but with FaultWire you will improve your understanding of problem and warning messages and it helps you get to a solution faster than any other method.

Check out the demo to see for yourself!

FaultWire Demo Top
For this short web demo, we will pretend you've already installed FaultWire on your PC.   FaultWire Web Demo
  The Error  
Imagine you wanted to delete a program in the Windows directory, a nasty keylogger. You run Explorer and attempt to delete the file, but the following error appears:
FaultWire Demo of an Error

When an error or warning occurs, the same dialog appears as before FaultWire was installed, but now a FaultWire button appears in the top title bar.

  Finding the Solution  

To help understand the issue, you would simply click on the Purple FaultWire button in the title bar. Go ahead and click on the FaultWire button in the dialog above.

With this one click, you'll go to our FaultWire site directly to a page specific on the this very issue. You'll find description of the issue, solutions, company information and support, a on-topic forum and even a section to help research further.

Under vendor, you'll find some basic information and support. Click on the "More Info..." link in that section to get full details about the company, including more links, financial information and other details when available. Here's a shortcut to our details on Microsoft as an example.

FaultWire works with Windows issues and most third-party applications.

  Any Limitations?  
  First, you must have a Internet connection. Since you're reading this from our site, it's a safe assumption you're ready to roll. If the Internet is disconnected or down, you will not be able to access the Web solutions and information until your web connection is restored. FaultWire Pro still provides limited information even if the Internet is disconnected.

The FaultWire system creates the principal content and our editorial team creates the details and solutions for the most popular issues. While we'd love to solve every problem, as you can image, it's an almost infinite task! Amazingly, we still provide considerable information on most issues our users encounter. We also provide built-in tools to quickly do further research on the web. Our one-click on-topic forums is a great resource too.
  But Wait, there's more!  

FaultWire Pro provides many additional features like creating an instant email of your issue and related facts. You or your corporate MIS group can pre-set where to send the email, such as a corporate help desk, or a company or friend that helps maintain your computer.

FaultWire pro box  

Check out all the capabilities and buy your copy today!

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