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  FaultWire Pro
  good star The Good  
  • Find solutions fast
  • Demystify errors
  • Company identification
  • Support links
  • Forum on specific issue
  • Easy to install & use
  • Instant help email
  • Enhanced for advanced users and corporate
  • Logs all errors
  bad The Bad  
  • No solutions for some issues and warnings

Our Summary
As the publisher, maybe we're slightly biased, but with FaultWire you will improve your understanding of problem and warning messages and it helps you get to a solution faster than any other method.

Check out the demo to see for yourself!

FaultWire Pro Top
One-click Answers to your PC Problems!
  FaultWire - Pro Edition  
FaultWire Basic Box

FaultWire Pro gets you the answers you need fast! You get the FaultWire application that provides a direct connection to our extensive web database of additional information, explanations, solutions and links to support.

It also includes a number of features for the advanced user and corporate environments.

Only $29.99
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Includes all FaultWire Pro product updates and direct access to our database of issues and solutions for 12 months after purchase. Renewals are only $5.95/year.

For site licenses, see FaultWire for Companies...

  Feature List - Basic and Pro Editions  
One Click Access to Web Site Solutions
Technical details about issue
Identification of company and links to their support site
Fast access to Forums on each specific issue
Research the issue with our built in advanced search
Designed for Windows 7, Vista and XP
Test Mode to validate operation
Easy Update makes it a snap to get the latest version
Instant Email - pre-filled with error and system info
View summary information without the internet
Logs issues for History Viewer
Copy error text to clipboard
Dialog manager to include/exclude FaultWire
For use within companies
  How it Works  
  After the quick installation completes, FaultWire monitors all problems and errors, including ones from Windows and Applications. When an error or warning dialog appears, FaultWire adds a small icon to the title bar.

Simply click on this icon to get additional details about the issue, such as who issued it, what it means, and how to solve it. FaultWire also pre-searches the internet for more details and provides company information, if you want to go right to their support site.
Issue with FaultWire Button
  Pro Edition Enhancements  
  Pro offers a number of great enhancements over basic edition. Most of these are available with a right-click of the FaultWire button!  
FaultWire Drop Down  

Help with this issue is the same as a left-click on the FaultWire button and goes to the FaultWire web solution for this specific issue. This option is available on Pro and Basic versions.

Pro Only Email my Contact creates a complete email of an issue, with details about the issue, a link to more details on our web site and a summary of the system information. You can even pre-set the email address to your corporate help desk or other helpful contact.

Pro Only Information Summary provides a summary of an issue without going to the Internet. While not as comprehensive as our web solutions, it may help explain an issue with a cryptic error message and point to the source of the problem when the Internet is unavailable.


Pro Only View History lets you review all prior issues, errors and warnings you might have skipped past or ignored until you realized it will help solve a problem.

Pro Only Clipboard
options saves the error information right to the clipboard. This avoids the hand re-typing of text, since Windows offers no way to get text from a dialog.

Pro Only Exclude Dialog - You can exclude FaultWire from a specific dialog or all dialogs from the current dialog's application. A more extensive include/exclude Dialog Manager is also available from the FaultWire application.

Settings pops you right into FaultWire application settings. This is available on both Basic and Pro versions.

FaultWire Web Demo Run our on-line demo to see how FaultWire will save you time and reduce frustration with problems and issues you deal with regularly.

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FaultWire Pro

  • Windows 7, Vista or XP (any version)
  • 32-bit and 64-bit* editions of Windows
  • Internet Connection to access the FaultWire database
  • 8 MB of free disk space
Designed for 7 Vista and XP

FaultWire is designed specifically for Windows 7, Vista and XP. It does not support nor install into Windows 2000 or older, nor any Windows 9x/Me versions.

FaultWire has been tested and will install in 64-bit environments, but only dialogs from 32-bit applications will get the FaultWire solution button. Full 64-bit support will be available in early 2010.
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