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View information and solutions from issues that appear when a Browser is attempting to get information over the Internet. These are generally not issues within the browser itself but are errors, warnings or informational messages returned from the remote web server. Click on the message for more details and solutions.  
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  Top Internet Issues  
404 Not Found
403 Forbidden
408 Request Time-out
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Access denied by URL authorization policy on the Web server (401.7)
Application is busy restarting on the Web server (500.12)
Application is shutting down on the Web server (500.11)
Application pool unavailable (503.0)
Authorization failed by filter (401.4)
Authorization failed by ISAPI/CGI application (401.5)
Bad Gateway (502)
Bad gateway Error in CGI application (502.2)
Bad Request (400)
Cannot execute CGI applications for the client browser in this application pool (403.19)
Cannot execute requested URL in the current application pool (403.18)
CGI application timeout (502.1)
Client Access Licenses exceeded (403.15)
Client certificate has expired or is not yet valid (403.17)
Client certificate is untrusted or invalid (403.16)
Client certificate required (403.7)
Client certificate revoked (403.13)
Concurrent request limit exceeded (503.2)
Configuration data is invalid (500.19)
Conflict (409)
Content length too large (404.13)
Denied by request filtering configuration (404.5)
Direct requests for Global.asax are not allowed (500.15)
Directory listing denied (403.14)
Execute access forbidden (403.1)
Expectation Failed (417)
Failed Dependency (424)
File attribute hidden (404.9)
File extension denied (404.7)
Forbidden (403)
Gateway Timeout (504)
Gone (410)
Hidden namespace (404.8)
HTTP Version Not Supported (505)
Insufficient Storage (507)
Internal ASP error (500.100)
Internal Server Error (500)
Invalid application configuration on the server (500.14)
Invalid configuration (403.10)
IP address rejected (403.6)
Length Required (411)
Lockdown policy prevents this request (404.2)
Locked (423)
Logon Failed (401.1)
Logon failed due to server configuration (401.2)
Mapper denied access (403.12)
Method Not Allowed (405)
MIME Map policy prevents this request (404.3)
MIME Map policy prevents this request (404.3)
Module not recognized (500.21)
Module or ISAPI error occurred (500.0)
No code (425)
No handler configured (404.4)
Not Acceptable (406)
Not Extended (510)
Not Found (404)
Not found (404.0)
Not Implemented (501)
Passport logon failed (403.20)
Password change (403.11)
Payment Required (402)
Precondition Failed (412)
Proxy Authentication Required (407)
Query string too long (404.15)
Read access forbidden (403.2)
Request contains double escape sequence (404.11)
Request contains high-bit characters (404.12)
Request Entity Too Large (413)
Request header too long (404.10)
Request Timeout (408)
Request URL too long (404.14)
Request-URI Too Long (414)
Requested Range Not Satisfiable (416)
Service Unavailable (503)
Site access denied (403.8)
SSL 128 required (403.5)
SSL required (403.4)
Too many users (403.9)
Unauthorized (401)
Unauthorized due to ACL on resource (401.3)
UNC authorization credentials incorrect (500.16)
Unprocessable Entity (422)
Unsupported Media Type (415)
Upgrade Required (426)
URL authorization store cannot be found (500.17)
URL authorization store cannot be opened (500.18)
Variant Also Negotiates (506)
Verb denied (404.6)
Web server is too busy (500.13)
Web Site not accessible on the requested port (404.1)
Write access forbidden (403.3)