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Solution Analyzer


The Solution Analyzer shows how we rate each solution. Our guidelines may differ from your own evaluation depending on your expertise level, but we hope you still find it very useful in comparing different solution choices.

solves it indicator
risk indicator
effort indicator
  The solution Analyzer has three gauges. Each gauge has four levels, orange (not shown), yellow, green and blue.  

Will solve it - This indicates how likely the solution will fix the issue. It ranges from low likelihood in orange, through yellow, green and to blue, which indicates an excellent chance it will solve the issue.

Safe to try - Some of these solutions have more risk than others. The riskiest solutions (shown in orange or yellow) might be left to the experts, while the safest is shown with a green or blue indicator.

Ease of effort - A rough guide on the amount of time and effort the solution takes. The most effort is indicated starting at orange, with progressively less effort in yellow, then green, and the least amount of effort with a blue indicator.

  Setting the Ratings  

The FaultWire team reviews each solution based on the specific problem. We then set the rating based on our years of experience in solving problems. In general we apply the view of a intermediate PC user, who is comfortable with working on a PC.

If you are a novice, some items we have rated as easy might require a bit more work, and conversely, experts may find those items rated for a low ease of effort as being easier than others might rate it.