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Fatal Error Solutions
View information and solutions from fatal Windows issues often called Stop codes, Bug Checks or the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD). This category of errors is usually caused by hardware or device driver issues. These are often tricky to solve as the error only hints at the problem source rather than pinpointing what is wrong. For each issue, we've created a solution list of the best way to attack each issue and get it solved!  
sample bsod screens

You may encounter two types of fatal issues - the fatal blue screen or a "The system has recovered from a serious error" message, where you have to select "click here" to see the BCheck number (which is the same as the Stop code number). See Examples for more on how to read these screens.

If you don't see an item listed here, we'd like to know. We believe our list is the most comprehensive list that exists, with over 300 issues documented with solutions and fixes!

You can also check out our extensive Fatal Error BSoD Solution Guide for handling any BSoD issue and help for more assistance.

  Top Fatal BSoD Issues  
0x1000007F - Run a system diagnostic utility supplied by your...
0x00000024 - NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM
  (Based on our estimate of frequency of occurrence)  
  Specific BSoD Issues  

Select a hex number button for listing by the stop code (recommended) or use the first character of the issue title. The stop code appears in the blue screen to the right of "*** STOP:" in hex.

  hex buttons 000-03F 040-07F 080-0BF 0C0-0FF 100+  
  Alpha buttons A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z  
Selectionj FaultWire currently has no fatal OS issues starting wtih J.