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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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B1cbase.sys - Driver for AVM ISDN-Controller
B44amd64.sys - Broadcom Corporation NDIS 5.1 ethernet driver
B57nd60a.sys - Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NDIS6.x Unified Driver.
B57nd60x.sys - Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet NDIS6.x Unified Driver.
Baaupdate.exe - BitLocker Access Agent Update Utility
backgroundTaskHost.exe - Background Task Host
BackgroundTransferHost.exe - Download/Upload Host
Basebrd.dll - Windows Base Branding Resource Dll
Basecsp.dll - Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider
Basesrv.dll - Windows NT BASE API Server DLL
BasicDisplay.sys - Microsoft Basic Display Driver
BasicRender.sys - Microsoft Basic Render Driver
Batmeter.dll - Battery Meter Helper DLL
Batt.dll - Battery Class Installer
Battc.sys - Battery Class Driver
Bcd.dll - BCD DLL
Bcdboot.exe - Bcdboot utility
Bcdedit.exe - Boot Configuration Data Editor
Bcdeditai.dll - CSI BCD Servicing Advanced Installer
Bcdprov.dll - Boot Configuration Data WMI Provider
Bcdsrv.dll - Boot Configuration Data COM Server
Bckg.dll - Zone Backgammon Client
Bckgres.dll - Internet Backgammon Resource DLL
Bckgzm.exe - Internet Backgammon
Bcm4sbxp.sys - Broadcom Corporation NDIS 5.1 ethernet driver
Bcmdhd63.sys - Broadcom SDIO WiFi Driver wireless driver
Bcmfn2.sys - BCM Function 2 Device Driver
Bcmwl6.sys - Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter wireless driver
Bcmwl63a.sys - Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter wireless driver
Bcmwl63al.sys - Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter wireless driver
Bcmwl664.sys - Broadcom 802.11 Network Adapter wireless driver
BCP47Langs.dll - BCP47 Language Classes
Bcrypt.dll - Windows Cryptographic Primitives Library (Wow64)
Bcryptprimitives.dll - Windows Cryptographic Primitives Library
Bcsprsrc.dll - Microsoft Base Smart Card Crypto Provider Resources
Bdasup.sys - Microsoft BDA Driver Support Library
BDATunePIA.dll - BDA Tuning Model Primary Interop Assembly - BDA Tuning Model Primary Interop Assembly
BdeCfgLog.dll - Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool
Bdechangepin.exe - BitLocker Drive Encryption: PIN Change Tool
BdeHdCfg.exe - BitLocker Drive Encryption: Drive Preparation Tool
BdeHdCfgLib.dll - Windows BitLocker Drive Preparation Tool
Bderepair.dll - BitLocker Drive Encryption: Drive Repair Tool
Bdesvc.dll - BDE Service
BdeSysprep.dll - BdeSysprep
Bdeui.dll - Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption User Interface
BdeUISrv.exe - BDE UI Launcher
Bdeunlock.exe - BitLocker Unlock
BdeUnlockWizard.exe - BitLocker Unlock Wizard
Beep.sys - BEEP Driver
Bfe.dll - Base Filtering Engine
Bfsvc.dll - CMI boot file service plug-in
Bfsvc.exe - Boot File Servicing Utility
Bi.dll - Background Broker Infrastructure Client Library
Bidispl.dll - Bidispl DLL
Bing.Immersive.dll - Bing Immersive
Biocpl.dll - Biometrics Control Panel
BioCredProv.dll - WinBio Credential Provider
Bisrv.dll - Background Tasks Infrastructure Service
BitLockerDeviceEncryption.exe - BitLocker Device Encryption Tool
BitLockerToGo.exe - BitLocker To Go Reader
BitLockerWizard.exe - BitLocker Drive Encryption Wizard
BitLockerWizardElev.exe - BitLocker Drive Encryption Wizard
Bitsadmin.exe - BITS administration utility
Bitsigd.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service IGD Support
Bitsmig.dll - BITS Server Extensions Upgrade
Bitsperf.dll - Perfmon Counter Access
Bitsprx2.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service Proxy
Bitsprx3.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service 2.0 Proxy
Bitsprx4.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service 2.5 Proxy
Bitsprx5.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service 3.0 Proxy
Bitsprx6.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service 4.0 Proxy
Bitsprx7.dll - Background Intelligent Transfer Service 5.0 Proxy
Biwinrt.dll - Windows Background Broker Infrastructure
Blackbox.dll - BlackBox DLL
Blastcln.exe - Blaster/Nachi Removal Tool
Blbdrive.sys - BLB Drive Driver
BlbEvents.dll - Blb Publisher
Blbres.dll - Microsoft Block Level Backup Engine Service Resources
Blb_ps.dll - Microsoft Block Level Backup proxy/stub
BluetoothApis.dll - Bluetooth Usermode Api host
BmlDataCarousel.dll - Windows Media Center BmlDataCarousel Module
Bnts.dll - Belief Network Troubleshooting
Bootcfg.exe - Boot Configuration Tool
Bootim.exe - boot immersive menus
BootMenuUX.dll - BootMenuUX
Bootok.exe - Boot Acceptance Application for Registry
Bootres.dll - Boot Resource Library
Bootsect.exe - Boot Sector Manipulation Tool
Bootstr.dll - Boot String Resource Library
Bootux.dll - bootux
Bootvid.dll - VGA Boot Driver
Bootvrfy.exe - Boot Verify Application for Registry
Bowser.sys - NT Lan Manager Datagram Receiver Driver
BrBidiIf.dll - Parallel driver access DLL for Resource Manager
Brci02a.dll - Brother Color Inkjet Printer Driver
Brci02b.dll - Brother Color Inkjet Printer Driver
Brci02ui.dll - Brother Color Inkjet Printer Driver
Brci03a.dll - Brother Color Inkjet Printer Driver
Brci03ui.dll - Brother Color Inkjet Printer Driver