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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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C2wtsres.dll - Contains native Windows resources for the Claims to Windows Token...
Cabinet.dll - Microsoft Cabinet File API
Cabview.dll - Cabinet File Viewer Shell Extension
Cachfile.dll - File Cache Provider
Cachhttp.dll - Http cache provider
Cachtokn.dll - Token Cache Provider
Cachuri.dll - URI cache provider
Cacls.exe - Control ACLs Program
Calc.exe - Windows Calculator application file
CallButtons.dll - Windows Runtime CallButtonsServer DLL
CallButtons.ProxyStub.dll - Windows Runtime CallButtonsServer ProxyStub DLL
Callcont.dll - Call Control Module
Camera.exe - Camera
CameraSettingsUIHost.exe - Camera Settings UI Host
CameraUtilities.dll - Camera Utilities
Camocx.dll - WIA Camera View DLL
Capesnpn.dll - Microsoft Certificate Template Management Extension
Capiprovider.dll - capiprovider DLL
Capisp.dll - Sysprep cleanup dll for CAPI
CaptureWizard.exe - Windows Import Video
CardGames.dll - CardGames Resources
Cards.dll - Entertainment Pack Cardplaying Helper DLL
CasPol.exe - Microsoft .NET Framework CAS Policy Manager
Catsrv.dll - COM+ Configuration Catalog Server
Catsrvps.dll - COM+ Configuration Catalog Server Proxy/Stub
Catsrvut.dll - COM+ Configuration Catalog Server Utilities
Cb32.exe - NetMeeting Chat application
Cbidf2k.sys - CardBus/PCMCIA IDE Miniport Driver
CbsApi.dll - Component Based Servicing API DLL
CbsCore.dll - Component Based Servicing Core DLL
CbsMsg.dll - Component Based Servicing Message DLL
CbsProvider.dll - DISM Package Provider
Cbsra.exe - Component Based Servicing Retry Agent
Cbva.dll - Windows Media Center Content Analysis Filter Module
Cca.dll - CCA DirectShow Filter.
Ccdecode.sys - WDM Closed Caption VBI Codec
Ccfgnt.dll - Internet Configuration Library
Cclitesetupui.exe - Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor
Cdaudio.sys - CD-ROM Audio Filter Driver
Cdd.dll - Canonical Display Driver
Cdeject.exe - Virtual Machine Additions ISO Ejection Program
Cdfs.sys - CD-ROM File System Driver
Cdfview.dll - Channel Definition File Viewer
Cdm.dll - Windows Update CDM Stub
Cdmodem.dll - Modem Connection Driver
Cdosys.dll - Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000 Library
Cdrom.sys - SCSI CD-ROM Driver
Ceipfwdai.dll - CEIP Forwarding Advanced Installer plug-in
Certca.dll - Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services CA
Certcli.dll - Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services Client
certCredProvider.dll - Cert Credential Provider
Certenc.dll - Active Directory Certificate Services Encoding
CertEnroll.dll - Certificate Services Enrollment
CertEnrollCtrl.exe - Certificate Enrollment Control
CertEnrollUI.dll - X509 Certificate Enrollment UI
Certmgr.dll - Certificates snap-in
Certobj.dll - IIS CertObj Module
CertPolEng.dll - Certificate Policy Engine
Certprop.dll - Microsoft Smartcard Certificate Propagation Service
Certreq.exe - Certificate Request Utility
Certutil.exe - Certificate Utility
Ceutil.dll - Registry Utility Library
Cewmdm.dll - Windows CE WMDM Service Provider
Cfgbkend.dll - Configuration Backend Interface
Cfgmgr32.dll - Configuration Manager Forwarder DLL
Cfgwiz.exe - Microsoft FrontPage Server Administration Snapin
Cfmifs.dll - FmIfs Engine
Cfmifsproxy.dll - Microsoft FmIfs Proxy Library
Cgi.dll - CGI handler
Change.exe - Remote Desktop Services Change Utility
Changepk.exe - Change Product Key
Charmap.exe - Character Map
Chartv.dll - Chart View
CheckNetIsolation.exe - AppContainer Network Isolation Diagnostic Tool
CheckPointVpnPluginApp.exe - Check Point VPN
Chess.dll - Chess Titans Resources
Chess.exe - Executable for Chess Game
Chglogon.exe - Change Logon Utility
Chgport.exe - Change port Utility
Chgusr.exe - Change INI File Mapping Utility
Chkdsk.exe - Check Disk Utility
Chkntfs.exe - NTFS Volume Maintenance Utility
Chkr.dll - Zone Game DLL - Checkers
Chkrres.dll - Internet Checkers Resource DLL
Chkrzm.exe - Internet Checkers
Chkwudrv.dll - Search Windows Update for Drivers
Choice.exe - Offers the user a choice
Chsbrkr.dll - Simplified Chinese Word Breaker
ChsIME.exe - Microsoft IME
ChsPinyinDS.dll - Microsoft IME
ChsRoaming.dll - Microsoft IME
ChsWubiDS.dll - Microsoft IME
Chtbrkr.dll - Chinese Traditional Word Breaker
ChtChangjieDS.dll - Microsoft IME
ChtIME.exe - Microsoft IME
Chtmbx.dll - Microsoft IME 2002a
ChtPhoneticDS.dll - Microsoft IME
ChtQuickDS.dll - Microsoft IME
Chtskdic.dll - Microsoft IME 2002a