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The FaultWire team has analyzed different versions of Windows and created summary and detailed reports of executable files used within Windows. This includes programs, device drivers, linked libraries (DLLs) and other related files.

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D2d1.dll - Microsoft D2D Library
D3d10.dll - Direct3D 10 Runtime
D3d10core.dll - Direct3D 10 Runtime
D3d10level9.dll - Direct3D 10 to Direct3D9 Translation Runtime
D3d10warp.dll - Direct3D 10 Rasterizer
D3d10_1.dll - Direct3D 10.1 Runtime
D3d10_1core.dll - Direct3D 10.1 Runtime
D3d11.dll - Direct3D 11 Runtime
D3d8.dll - Microsoft Direct3D
D3d8thk.dll - Microsoft Direct3D OS Thunk Layer
D3d9.dll - Direct3D 9 Runtime
D3DCaptureTrackerComponent.dll - D3D Capture Tracker Component
D3DCompiler_47.dll - Direct3D HLSL Compiler
D3dim.dll - Microsoft Direct3D
D3dim700.dll - Microsoft Direct3D
D3dpmesh.dll - Direct3D Progressive Mesh DLL
D3dramp.dll - Microsoft Direct3D
D3drm.dll - Direct3D Retained Mode DLL
D3dx9_39.dll - Microsoft Direct3D
D3dxof.dll - DirectX Files DLL
Dab.dll - Desktop Activity Broker DLL
Dabapi.dll - Desktop Activity Broker API
DAConn.dll - Direct Access Connection Flows
dafBth.dll - Bluetooth Device Association Framework Provider
Dafmigplugin.dll - Device Association Framework Migration Plugin
DafPrintProvider.dll - DAF Print Provider DLL
Dafupnp.dll - DAF UPnP Provider
dafWCN.dll - Windows Connect Now DAF Plugin
dafWfdProvider.dll - Windows Wi-Fi Direct DAF Plugin
Dafwsd.dll - DAF WSD Provider
Dam.sys - DAM Kernel Driver
Damm.dll - DirectAccess Media Manager
Danim.dll - DirectX Media -- DirectAnimation
Dao360.dll - Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library
DaOtpCredentialProvider.dll - DirectAccess One-Time Password Credential Provider
Daprop.exe - DA Properties UI Executable
Das.dll - Device Association Service
dasHost.exe - Device Association Framework Provider Host
Dataclen.dll - Disk Space Cleaner for Windows
DataModel.dll - DataModel
DataSvcUtil.exe - Data Services Utility
Datime.dll - Date and Time
Datusage.dll - Network Data Usage Helper
Davclnt.dll - Web DAV Client DLL
Davhlpr.dll - DAV Helper DLL
Daxctle.ocx - Microsoft MMCtls
Dbgeng.dll - Windows Symbolic Debugger Engine
Dbghelp.dll - Windows Image Helper
Dbmsadsn.dll - ADSP Net DLL for SQL Clients
Dbmsrpcn.dll - ConnectTo RPC Net Library
Dbmsvinn.dll - ConnectTo VINES Net Library
Dbnetlib.dll - Winsock Oriented Net DLL for SQL Clients
Dbnmpntw.dll - Named Pipes Net DLL for SQL Clients
Dbres.dll - Windows Search component
Dbsetup.dll - Windows Search component
Dc21x4.sys - NDIS 5.0 DC21X4 miniport driver
Dc21x4vm.sys - DC21x4 Based Network Adapter Driver For Virtualization
Dcap32.dll - NetMeeting video capture APIs for NT
Dccw.exe - Display Color Calibration
Dcdiag.exe - Active Directory Domain Services / Lightweight Directory Services...
Dciman32.dll - DCI Manager
Dcomcnfg.exe - DCOM Configuration
Dcomp.dll - Microsoft DirectComposition Library
DDACLSys.dll - SysPrep module for Resetting Data Drive ACL
Ddeml.dll - DDE Management library
Ddeshare.exe - DDE Share Manager
Ddodiag.exe - DDODiag is a tool that collects Device Display Object (DDO)...
DDOIProxy.dll - DDOI Interface Proxy
DDORes.dll - Device Category information and resources
Ddpchunk.dll - Microsoft Data Deduplication Chunking Library
Ddptrace.dll - Microsoft File Server Resource Management Tracing Library
Ddputils.dll - Microsoft Data Deduplication Common Library
Ddp_ps.dll - Microsoft Data Deduplication Service proxy/stub
Ddraw.dll - Microsoft DirectDraw
Ddrawex.dll - Direct Draw Ex
Ddsmc.sys - HP,Sony,DEC 4mmDAT Medium changer driver
Debug.exe - Debugger
Decomu.dll - Dell UI Plug-In DLL.
Dedrvor.dll - XPS Rasterization Filter
Dedrvpj.dll - XPS Pjl Feature Filter
Dedrvsc.dll - Color Management System
Dedrvzd.dll - Interface Filter
DefaultDeviceManager.dll - Default Device Manager
Defaultlocationcpl.dll - Default Location Control Panel
DefaultPrinterProvider.dll - Microsoft Windows Default Printer Provider
Defdoc.dll - Default Document handler
Defrag.exe - Disk Defragmenter Module
Defragproxy.dll - Microsoft Drive Optimizer Proxy Library
Defragres.dll - MicrosoftDrive Optimizer Resources
Defragsvc.dll - MicrosoftDrive Optimizer
Delegatorprovider.dll - WMI PassThru Provider for Storage Management
DeleteTemp.exe - Visual Studio Delete Temp Util
Depclrc.dll - Dell Printer Driver
Desk.cpl - Desktop Settings Control Panel
Deskadp.dll - Advanced display adapter properties
Deskbar.dll - Windows Search Deskbar extension
Deskmon.dll - Advanced display monitor properties
Deskperf.dll - Advanced display performance properties
DesktopWindowsMgmt.dll - Windows Management Desktop
DevDispItemProvider.dll - DeviceItem inproc devquery subsystem